One Hit Wonders

I do believe I am a minimalist.  We don’t have a lot of stuff, we don’t feel we need many things, I tend to not craft just to make something crafty and I need to hear quite a convincing argument to spend money on decor type items.  So, when I started on the little Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge I wasn’t exactly sure what would come of it.

There is a budget of $20, but to me that just means “let’s see by how much I can come in below budget, shall we?”.

So, here are a few ornaments I tried, that cost a total of ZERO dollars, but didn’t make it past the One Hit Wonder category for various reasons.

One Hit Wonder #1 – Bead Snowflake

I actually really like how this ornament turned out.

We’ve had these beads for close to 10 years, they are left over from a pull chain project I made in Indy after we added a privacy fence around our back yard.  Of course, 10 year old random beads made the essentials list for the move here. 😉 Other items on said list were discussed here and here.
 I had pinned this inspiration picture from

They give a basic tutorial on their site.  But, for some strange reason, I didn’t just happen to have a wire star or any soldering equipment on hand.  Weird, I know.  😉  But, I did have some basic craft wire and a whole big bunch o’ determination.

I cut the wire into 4 equal lengths, about 6 inches long.  I first thought I could use some needle nose pliers to just bend the wire around itself to form a solid center area.  I thought wrong.  It was quite gangley and had no structure integrity to speak of.  And, boy do I hate a bead snowflake without structure integrity, apparently.

But, some of the beads had holes big enough to put all 4 pieces of my wire through.  So, I eye balled the center of the wire pieces and glued them in each side of the bead. After I separated them to make the snowflake shape I had what looked like a spider.
While the glue set I laid out my beads in a design I liked and then I just started assembling.

I used the needle nose pliers to curl a bit of the wire at the end of each spoke.  The same way I did for the photo holders here.
I know the glue around the center bead looks mucky in this pic.  I actually had used a glue that didn’t exactly hold when I started to assemble the beads and it got all wonky (losing it’s structure integrity and all) so I just globbed on some hot glue and cleaned it all up when I was done.

I think it is a great ornament for something that didn’t cost me any money and reminds me of our backyard in Indianapolis which was one of the first major DIY projects we did. I just didn’t have enough beads to make anymore so she’ll go down as my Don’t Worry, Be Happy ornament.  🙂

One Hit Wonder #2 – Book Page Star

So, you’ve all seen the book page deco all over blogville, no?  There are wreaths, rolled pages, big things, small things, crafts to hang on the wall things.  I just tried to get all Dr. Seussy there.  See that?

Well, I’ve been wanting to get into this book page project game so I drew a star shape on some cardboard and figured I’d just faux-co-page small, torn pages from a book.  I actually didn’t take any pictures along the way.  Picture a cardboard box with a star shape drawn with a black marker on one of the flaps.  Now picture it cut out, on a table next to about 30 little pieces of torn book pages around a half inch by one inch in size.  Got it? 🙂

First, I had a lot of moments of hesitation about actually ripping a book.  It just seems to go against what is right.  But, I rationalized it, apologized to the book and tore out page 65 of a book titled Snow Falling on Cedars.  Seemed appropriate for a winter project.  If I had an exacto knife I would have tried to make a snowflake.  Exacto knife = item #2 I want for Christmas.  Item #1 found here.

Then I mixed some glue with water and got to gluin’.  This may just not be my thing, or maybe I had the wrong proportion of glue to water, or maybe my star was too small.  But this was just a lot of work for a very little reward.  I just had a hard time with it all around.  So much so that I decided 1 of these guys was exactly the right number for our tree this year.  🙂  I was able to cover the whole star, and I even fit in the book title to help make me feel better about ripping it up.  I went ahead and beglittered each of the points to cover any areas that were left exposed and give her a little bling.  And used a single hole punch to create a hole for the red ribbon hanger.

I actually think she came out really cute.  Good thing, because it was not my favorite project. I will consider her my Spirit in the Sky ornament.
One Hit Wonder #3 – Light Bulb Glitter Ribbon Ornament Thingy

This one I don’t love, but can’t really consider it a fail, because it is hanging on the tree.

On my five finger discount adventure at the shore I actually found a fully intact light bulb.  I find it so amazing that something so fragile can get tossed around at sea and come out unscathed.  She made it home with me and I tried to make an ornament out of her.  I painted her red, glued haphazard lines around it and let glitter set on it until the glue dried. Then I gave her a ribbon bow to cover the light bulby evidence and a little hanger to get her on the tree.

Ehhhh.  That’s pretty much how I feel about her.  She really doesn’t look bad, kind of cool for a light bulb actually, I’m just not attached.  I will think of her as 99 Red Balloons because a light bulb kind of resembles a balloon, right?  :/

Funny, the more I look at the pic, the more I like her.  🙂

What have you made only one of for one reason or another?  Anything big or small?  Anything, anything at all?  🙂

Sea Urchin Snow women

As part of the Mega Crafty Christmas Tree challenge I have been gettin’ down right crafty up in here.  Well, that is a matter of opinion, I know, but check out this cutie.

I know, right!?!  Adorable I think.

Remember my little shopping trip a couple of weekends ago full of five finger discounts?  I had found a few of these,

and combined with a few I already had, I made these cute little sea urchin snow women (I admitted to viewing the entire non-gendered world as feminine here).  They fit right in with what seems to be becoming my handmade coastal Christmas tree.

The process took just a few minutes over the course of a few days.

I first painted each urchin white just for a more uniform color, glued 3 together and let them sit overnight.

Then I glued on a little rope ribbon for scarf.  I actually like how it frays to really look like a real scarf.
Then I used the handle end of a small paint brush and black paint to add eyes, a mouth and buttons.  I wanted to use a black marker but couldn’t find one, I’m sure that would work too.  I thought of adding a hat, or other features like an orange nose, but I worried it would get too crafted looking, which for me means I’d screw it up. So I decided they’re wicked cute as is.  🙂

And, the holes in each urchin is perfect to feed ribbon through for a hanger.  Just cut the ribbon longer than you think you’ll need and tie a knot in the end, then use a slim paint brush handle or something similar to coax it up through the 3 sea urchins.

A close up of me actually putting the ribbon up the bottom of the sea urchin came across just a tad inappropriate so hopefully you get the idea from the above pic.  Raffia actually worked great because it is stiff enough on it’s own to be fed through from the bottom.

Without a lot of the normal snow woman details I thought beglittering (for you Jacinda!) it would add just the right amount of bling.  I wanted to kind of make it look like snow glistening around the bottom of the snow woman so I smeared some glue and rolled it in a mixure of silver glitter and salt.  Yep, just regular salt.  I had bought it as part of another ornament project (Which may or may not be taking me several attempts to get right, Argh!) for this same challenge so I figure why not maximize the purchase without maximizing our blood pressure.  🙂  I like how the salt specks tone down the silver and give it a glistening snow look.

Just what I wanted.  How often does that happen, really?!?!

I love how they turned out.  Not over done, perfectly simplistic, the essence of the sea urchins doesn’t get lost in the transformation.  A little winter for our Caribbean Christmas. I practically need a sweater it’s so wintery in here now.  😉

If you want to read about our Driftwood Christmas trees, check ’em out here.

What about you?  You like them as is, or think they need more snow womeny details?

Just for fun, here was our sunset the other night while we were outside enjoying a date night dinner.

I am sharing this project here, here, here and here. Check ’em out!


Happy Day After Thanksgiving!  I sure do hope everyone had a phenomenal day and ample opportunity to relish in all that you are thankful.  I am thankful beyond words and extraordinarily humbled by all of my life’s blessings.  🙂

So, growing up I always remember having a bird’s nest in our Christmas tree.  Is that weird?

I don’t know where my mom got it.  Or where she got the idea to put it in our Christmas tree.  But, it was real, and it was there every year.  Do regular people do this?  Oddly, I don’t ever recall seeing anyone else having a bird’s nest in their Christmas tree. Hmmmm…

But, this weirdness has stuck with me.  When we were living in Maryland and a robin’s nest and broken egg found it’s way to our back yard after a storm I snatched it up and new exactly what I was going to do with it.  An appearance in our Christmas tree every year it did make.  And now it makes it’s home in storage.  Now, even that seems little weird to me.

But, when I was on the patio the other day making more driftwood Christmas trees (more on those here) this literally blew up into my space.  And I immediately thought “bird’s nest”.  It actually kind of looks like it was on it’s way there, maybe the early works of something grand by some little island bird.  Sorry dude, it’s mine now.  😉
And, I immediately pictured it in my Christmas tree.  (Is that weird?)  So, there it went. Nestled in all snug like.  Then, a few days later when I was making some ornaments with these…
I had this idea.

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s a baby sea urchin nest.  How very coastal Christmas.

Yes, I realize it looks a little unruly in this picture.  I had to move the nest to the base of the tree because it’s just too dark to get a pic in the tree.  And I rushed through taking pictures because there was turkey calling my name.   But, I think it’s super cute.  It both reminds me of Christmas growing up and represents our current location.  And it’s totally free!

Hey, do you know how to tell if a sea urchin is a boy or a girl???  Me either.  🙂

One little Christmas tree deco to help me along in the Mega Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge.  And, a whole whopping ZERO dollars spent out of my budget.  Whoop, whoop!

So, seriously, anyone else put a nest in your tree?  Know anyone that does?  Think it’s just weird?  And, what might you think I’ll be doing with the rest of the sea urchins???

Procrasti-cleaning with a festive result

It really is more like procrasti-organizing in my case, but the chances I use a 7 syllable word correctly is slim so I needed to dumb it down for my own comfort.  🙂  Lucky for me the end result this time was this.

But, seriously, do you ever find yourself cleaning or organizing something when you really should be doing something else.  Should be working out?  Let me just make sure the kitchen is super duper clean, not sure I put everything in alpha order in the fridge last I checked.  Need groceries that I should have gotten 3 days ago?  I really NEED to just make sure the cabinet in that other room is all in order, and dusted, and labeled.  See what I’m sayin’?

So it really is no shocker that when I was trying to come up with crafty little Christmas ornament ideas for the Mega Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge I got just a wee bit side tracked.

I thought, in order for me to really be able to be inspired I need to procrasti re-organize this cabinet we have with random stuff in it.  It’s where I’ve been haphazardly stashing all my random crafty supplies and anything somewhat related to craftiness.  But, also in this cabinet is a bag o’ stuff.  You know the bag, the one where you throw random stuff you’re not quite sure what else to do with, or stuff you have an eventual plan for, just not a plan for executing the plan.   Yeah, that bag.  (Clearly this all went down at night.)

I haven’t looked in my bag since we moved to this little island which means I’ve been accumulating stuff for over 2 years.  I really don’t know how it started, but next thing I knew I had a couch o’ stuff.

Just ignore the couch, really, there is no further discussion about it needed at this point.  🙂

Is that a handle for something?  Yes it is.  The plan for that is to go on one of our corn hole boards.  Yes, of course the other one is already on.  No, of course I don’t have a plan for executing this plan.  The current approximate distance between the handle and the board needing the handle…less than 10 feet.  The handle ended up back in the bag. Gotta love a spot you can organize disorganization.

Of much more importance, I came across all of our wedding memorabilia.  Sigh and smile.  We got married just a couple months before we moved to Curacao and I just tossed all the wedding stuff in this bag and forgot about it apparently.  (The stuff, not the actual marriage part.)

Clearly the little challenge was on my mind because when I laid out all of these,

I remembered pinning this,

This inspiration pic is a cute little ornament made by Gifton over at Savvy by Design out of paint swatches.  But I thought, why can’t I make the same kind of thing out of circles cut from cards we got at our wedding?

By golly I can.  And I am in love with it.  It’s a simple concept, but made out of meaningful things to us.  An ornament that will remind us of a wonderful wedding day every year we bring it out to decorate the tree.  🙂

After I had all the cards out and idea in mind it took me a couple of hours, but really only about 30 minutes of work.

I picked out some of the cards that caught my eye and used the bottom of a glass jar we have as a circle template.  Oh how I heart The Homestead.

I traced and cut out 8 circles of images and words I liked and I folded each circle in half.

It just so happened that 4 of the circles were colorful and 4 were more monochromatic (5 syllables, not bad) so I paired them up to alternate colorful then monochromatic.  Using a glue stick I glued my pairs together.

I was doing some trimming every step of the way.  Whenever new circles got glued together and didn’t line up just right I just snipped away.

Then glued one set of 2 to another so I had 2 sets of 4 folded and glued circles.  Don’t forget to carry the 1, it will help the math make sense.  😉

I also scored with this beautiful ribbon that came from one of the cards.  At the same time I glued the 2 sets of 4 together, creating the full sphere, I glued the ribbon into it so it could be used to hang the ornament.

Then, because the edges still looked a little unfinished and I have recently discovered the joy of glitter, I beglittered (kinda like bedazzling only different) all of the edges with some silver glitter.   Then I hung her and admired her.  She just makes me smile.

Everything up in these parts is fair game to get beglittered now.  But the first to go down was this little wedding card Christmas tree ornament.  I think it adds just the right amount of bling and covers up any cutting imperfections around the edges of the circles.

I just love her.  🙂

This circle says “{Two} hearts share, one promise, one life, one love – forever”.  What a perfect marriage sentiment.

The ornament doesn’t scream Christmas, but to me it screams happiness, and that’s the best kind of ornament in my book.

What about you?  Have you created any non-Christmasy ornaments that are sentimental to you for any reason?  Any other crafty things I can do with the rest of our cards? Other wedding memorabilia ideas, or homemade Christmas ornament ideas?  Let me have it.

I am sharing this project here, herehere and here.  Check ém out!

Five Finger Discounts

Oh, remember the days of large craft supply stores with after holiday deep discounts, add a coupon and you can buy the next 3 years worth of tissue paper, decor accessories and ribbon for $2.50?

What, you still have that?  Right, it’s just me who has moved to a little island where the craft supplies stores are barely bigger than a bread box and if you see something you may just want someday down the road, be sure to buy it now.  Because there’s no such thing as a real sale and there are no guarantees it will be restocked when it’s gone.  Like ever again.

Instead, I just go for the five finger discounts.  No, not at the store!  At the shore.  🙂 Where we are lacking the usual shopping conveniences that I once new when living in the states, I am overjoyed at the abundance I have of these.

So, when I decided to take on this little challenge…


I knew exactly where to start looking for supplies.

A couple of hours on a drizzly Saturday morning with these characters…

And here was our take.

Now, what do I do with it all?  Is that a light bulb?  Will this all become Christmas decor?

So, the Mega Crafty Challenge is to decorate a whole tree, at least 4 feet tall, with homemade ornaments for under $20 (cost of tree and lights not included).  The kicker for me is that I actually made my own tree out of driftwood, check out my process here.

Yes, I do realize this picture makes it looks like the tree is just less than 4 feet.  But, it’s not, I swear!  It was the challenge of doing a one-arm-stretched-out-photo-while-holding-a-tape-measure-trying-to-get-all-relevant-info-into-in-the-picture.  It’s just the angle. Really! That’s why I took the close up too.

And, I’m hoping, that the total cost, tree and all, will come in under budget.  So, far I’ve spent under $2 for the dowels to put the tree together.  All of the driftwood was grabbed on a five finger discount.  Everybody who knows me will tell you I am nothing if not thrifty, so this challenge is right up my alley.  🙂

Now, I just need to get some Christmas ornament inspiration a flowin’.  Any suggestions???

I don’t need no stinkin’ picture frame

TGIF everyone!  Do you have anything fun planned?  For a couple of old souls we are getting ready to party like thirty somethings rock stars.  3 of my husband’s colleagues are having going away gatherings before they head off to their new adventures.  Party starts at bedtime 9 pm tonight, wish us luck.

The first of the 2 part Breaking Dawn movies comes out!  Yes, I love the series.  No, I wasn’t planning to and don’t have any weird vampire or werewolf fetish.  I don’t know exactly how it happened, it just did.  And I have very little no shame about it.

The final NASCAR race of the season is Sunday.  I do have to recognize the reigning 5 time champion, Jimmie Johnson.  He has no chance of six-peating this year so this is the final weekend, after over 200 weekends in a row (Now that is a phenomenal stat!), that he will be referred to as the reigning champ.  It’s been a great run 48.  Nice job!!

Then, the Patriots play Monday night football.  Woo Hoo!!  The big downside to MNF here on this little island is that we are Atlantic Time Zone, one hour ahead of EST now that all you woosies have fallen back.  Meaning the game starts at … wait for it … 9:30 pm.  Are you kidding me?!?!?

But, before all that happens, check this out.  When I got back from a recent trip to visit family I came home with these cuties.

The school pics, not the actual people, unfortunately.

Meet 3 of our 5 nieces and nephews. Aren’t they beautiful looking people?!?!  I just love them!! They are actually the I, C and O of Mico. M hadn’t had her pictures taken yet.  And just for the record, #5 wasn’t around when we got our baby, we didn’t just pick our 4 favorites to use as an acronym.  But, now that there’s 5, we could do that next time.

I kid.  🙂

Just to be fair, here’s a pic of M getting ready to hit one out of the park.
And #5 learning some soccer moves.  🙂
Ahhh, remember the days of school pictures? Picking out my favorite outfit My mother making me wear an outfit of her choice, the awkward smile, the braces, the spiral perm! Oh Lord!  Let’s just focus on these cuties shall we.

I wanted a simple way to display the photos, and you know me, I didn’t want to spend any money, and I also wanted something that was easy to transition. Before you know it there will be a whole new set of pics next year, or maybe even photo Christmas cards to display.

So, I took some items from my stash 0′ beachness, some wire and teeny little clothes pins (both items I had gotten on super duper discount last year when one of our home improvement stores started liquidating to prepare for a huge remodel) and a pair of needle nose pliers and in just a few minutes I had these.

Cute, huh?  And they fit in perfect with the rest of my seaside decor, and are easy to move around as my mood dictates.
In the kitchen on a driftwood shelf with some rice.
Or on a side table with a rock and some more coral maybe.  Just so versatile I tell ya.

Here’s what I did and literally took just a few minutes per photo stand, or maybe place card holder even.  Wouldn’t these be cute for a nautical inspired dinner party or even Thanksgiving table scape?
Yes, I’m clearly trying to get creative with photo spots.  Here’s the deal, we get very little natural light in our house.  Which is AWESOME when you live 12 degrees from the equator.  But not so awesome for great photos.  I’m just getting started here peeps, let’s hope I get this all figured out.

So, this is really all you need.
Note, I didn’t end up using the twine at all and used more pieces of coral.  The pieces of coral or shells that had a hole in them to wrap the wire in were the easiest.

Just wrap the wire around a few times until it’s secure and then cut off at the desired length.  Depending on the gauge (that’s a fancy word for thickness) of the wire you could make really tall holders if you wanted to.  If using the clothes pins, just glue and set and you’re done.

But, if you want to make a little curly cue with the wire just take the needle nose pliers and wrap the wire around the tip of the pliers a few times.  Like so.
Then squish the curlies together so they are tight enough to hold a picture or place card. Like so.
Then ta daaaa!  You have simple, cute little picture holders, place card holders, maybe even love note holders if you are someone so inclined to write that sort of thing and leave it out for your spouse before they leave for work.

A close up:
And one more pic of I, C and O because there are never enough of those.  🙂
Super easy and super cute, I think.  What about you, what do you think?

I am sharing this project here, here and here.  Check ém out!

Just for fun, this is a house I pass pretty much every day, it’s in a nothing special part of town but I just love the pride of ownership and curb appeal they maintain at this quaint little Caribbean abode.  Enjoy!

Map it out, Dress it up, Cross your fingers

Hey, hey!  Hope you’re day is splendid so far.  Today I’m going to tell a story about how I started with this:

Yes, I did notice that the top drawer is in the wrong spot.  No, I don’t have any idea how long I’ve been living with it like that.  Attention to detail, check!  😉  Wait, could that be a big a$$ tv on top of the dresser?  I doubt it.  😉

I used some of these:

Made some of these:

And ended up with this:
Well, I’m not exactly done yet.  Let’s hope it turns out great, shall we?!?!

For a little background, this is one well traveled dresser.  I inherited her when I moved into my first apartment at college and she has made the cut on all the moves since then. Funny how something can go from being the “Oh My God, I have my very own furniture” piece to the “Let’s take her to Curacao, we won’t mind if we need to leave her behind on the next move” piece.  She’s nothing more than particle board, but I like the dental molding detail and the functionality.  And, who doesn’t always need more storage space where ever you live?  Add one to the good decisions column when tallying my “move essentials” choices.  Score!  (Some of my questionable choices can be found here.)  Which column do you think this guy is in?

Seriously, who isn’t going to want to sit around knitting a scarf when it’s 90 plus degrees out every. single. day?  Me, that’s who’s not. And besides, I don’t have my Mamie or Grammie here helping me every knit and pearl of the way so there really is no hope for this project.

But, I digress.

Now, you’ve probably all seen the abundance of map usage around the web in home decor.  I personally think it’s Awesome!  But, when I pulled out some maps we had here (No, no maps made it on the essentials list for the move to Curacao!), most were really colorful renditions of Curacao.  Bright, Caribbean colors sure do make me smile.  But I wasn’t sure they were meant for my dresser.  So I just made my own.  Just quick and easy like.  😉

It really was pretty easy.  I google searched images of 4 meaningful locations to us (Joel and I, not the dresser and I).  Maine – where I am from, Iowa – where Joel grew up and went to college, San Francisco – where Joel and I met and Curacao – where we make our space today.  🙂  I picked between 4-6 images for each location, uploaded them into and updated them to my liking.  Increasing exposure, making some with a sepia finish, basically giving them a little more muted look.  I then copied them into Word and increased the image size as much as possible without making it too blurry.  Although, I didn’t mind a little blur either.

I did end up using one full map of Curacao. But it’s the bottom shelf, and I’m not totally sold on it, but I’m not jumping to redo it right now either.  But there’s more on that in a bit.  🙂

I started laying out the maps and realized I wanted to rip the edges to give it a more haphazard feel.  More intentional imperfection, my specialty.
Then I played around with some configurations, with a little help from this gal:
Then I consulted the supervisor to see if she liked my final placement:

Please Note:  No glue guns or electric screw drivers were used in the making of this project.

Truth be told, this step took me FOREVER.  I just wasn’t sure what I was looking for.  I tried muting these maps even more.  I wanted ocean pics for Maine but wasn’t loving the blue.  Uhhh, not sure what I was expecting exactly.  I hemmed and hawed for a few days and based on the pics on my camera I made another, larger Driftwood Christmas tree (more on the trees I’ve made here),

watched a beach wedding get rained out (or, I guess, rained in) at a local hotel,

cleaned a pallet,

and got a rose from Tito el Bambino at his concert.
Sorry for the bad pic, it’s actually from Joel’s phone.  That’s me pointing to my rose, that’s Tito el Bambino up on stage and yes, I am wearing a wife beater.

After all this fun, I couldn’t ignore my indecision any longer and decided to just go for it and map up the dresser drawers.  I could always paint over it if it went totally wrong, I hoped.

So I took about this much glue:
Added about this much water:
I know, really pretty pics and super detailed information.  😉  I would say I used about 2 teaspoons of glue and 2-3 times that amount of water.  And that was enough to glue on one full drawer of maps.  I used a tattered paint brush to apply it and my finger tips to smooth out the maps as best as possible.  TIP!!!  If you print your own maps go very very gentle with the smoothing process, it IS just plain paper after all.

All the edges were a bitch lot of work.  So much so, that I realized I really liked the look of the torn map over the current green paint more than I liked trying to get the map to stick all the way around.  Problem solver I am!  🙂

Woot Woot Cumberland County, Maine!!

This is what the drawer looked like all glued up:
TIP!!!  Be sure to push out the handle holes while the glue is still wet.  Glad I got lucky and did that myself.

And this is what they look like drying in the sun and waiting for some handles (and getting a final inspection from Mico).  Not sure if you can tell from this pic but the glue/water combo does dry clear.

Yessirree Bob! I sure did glue that Curacao map on upside down!  What was that about attention to detail?  Ack!  Anyway, live with it for awhile I will.

This process took me most of half a day.  Printing the maps, coordinating them on each drawer and using one coat of faux-cou-page under each map and then 2-3 more on top. The Curacao map was the hardest for me because of the thickness of it, and apparently because it wasn’t meant to go on that way.  Ack, ack!  I really am loving the look of the maps I printed.  I am loving that they represent places meaningful to us.
Chesuncook Lake and the Greater Portland Area of Maine.  These places just plain make me smile.  (I actually created the watered down look of the Chesuncook Lake map.  We’ll call it intentional imperfection.)
Go Cyclones!
Joel and I lived together for the first time in South San Fran.  I will always love that place for that one reason.
And we now live somewhere on this map.

But, I’m still not sure how it’s all going to end up, upside down island and all.  Ack, ack, ack!

I made this braided rope handle awhile back, when I thought new handles might be a good, simple transformation for the dresser.  Now I just need to make 7 more.
Then, cross my fingers that I like it all.  Will I want to repaint the rest of the dresser?  Will the handles work with the maps?  Will the upside down Curacao drive me batty?  What do you think?  I would also love to get rid of the curvy detail at the bottom of the dresser, but cutting that off would require I repaint the whole thing, and I just don’t like to have my hand forced like that.  What would you do?

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