Monday Matinee – Bottle It Up

Hey, hey!  How is everyone today?  Happy Monday to you all!  I need to first send a GINORMOUS Thank You! to Sumo at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, Cheri at It’s So Very Cheri and Beth at Home Stories A to Z for featuring my Driftwood Christmas Trees over the weekend.  I get stupid giddy when I see the pics of my trees floating around the world wide web.  You should definitely check out their blogs when you can.  Thanks ladies!!!  🙂

Sumo's Sweet Stuff Home Stories A2Z

On to what I’d like to call my Monday Matinee.  I had a few pics I want to share, but not necessarily a whole post.  So I thought it’d be fun to show you what I’ve got and also highlight what some others are doing along the same lines.  This may or may not become a regular series.  But, I figure if I start it I will want to continue it, right?!?!  Or will it become another chair project like this one I introduced you to here?  Who knows.

A couple of weekends ago I went to the 10th Annual Brit Club of Curacao Pub Quiz and had a blast.  We weren’t all that accurate when it came to the actual quiz part of the night, but the pub part is right up our alley.  😉  Lots of fun was had by all and lots of money was raised to benefit a number of local charities in need.  I wonder if it would it be too much for me to ask the event organizers to dumb the questions down AGAIN for next year?  I unequivocally participated in answering 2 questions this year, up 2 from last year and 1 may or may not have come from the table next to us.  😉  Does using a big word while describing my ignorance make me seem smarter?

In preparation for the event I was part of a crew who put together the table centerpieces. We had a VERY minimal budget and were able to put together a simple centerpiece by up-cycling some previously used items and decorate 31 tables for about $35.  The 60 is to commemorate the 60th Birthday of the Club this year.  I’m hoping all the Union Jacks are self explanatory, it IS a Brit Club event and all.

We spray painted some previously used 1/4 inch dowels, created our tables numbers to be printed on card stock (the spray paint and card stock printing were the only elements that cost us anything!) and attached them with a glue stick.  One of our great members had all the bottles, just the perfect color for our look.  The Union Jacks on the table were cut from old strings of bunting and then we curly cued streamers like no tomorrow.  It was intended to be simple, not take up too much space on the table and scream British!  Last year’s strictly red, white and blue theme may have come across just a bit, well, how should I say…American.  Oops!

This inspired me to check out some other ways you all are re-using bottles.  Marilyn from The Artsy Girl Connection created these beautiful painted bottles, check out her post about it here.  How simple with the addition of some twigs, this would fit in so great with a rustic Thanksgiving table scape.

And check out this simple THANKS decor from Kristin at Lil’ Luna.  I think this is a great little autumn display of thanks?  Check out her post here.
Now something for outside and for anyone else who goes through bottles of wine like they’re going out of style.  (We are appreciators of the craft of wine and the art of drinking it, what can I say.)  Dana at Crafted Niche followed a tutorial that she found here to make these cute little tiki torches.  Check out Dana’s post about it here.

And lastly a Shout Out! to an oldie but goodie.  Anyone who’s anyone in the world of thrifty DIY blogging knows Sherry and John from Young House Love.  They got married in their backyard on 7-7-7 and share a lot of the details on their blog here.  In addition to many other thrifty things, they incorporated a couple of their beverage options in up-clycled wine bottles they had asked a local wine retailer to save.  They fit right in with the rest of the decor, a little decoration combined with a little hydration.  Love it!

Any other uses for empty bottles you know about?  What about those large jugs of wine? Or maybe even a box o’ wine?  There is significant potential we would have no issue working our way though any size container in an effort to make something crafty out of it. You know, take one for the team.  😉

Enjoy your space this fine Monday!

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  1. Thanks so much for giving my tiki torches a shout out! They’re such a fun and easy project.

  2. Great roundup of projects. Love those torches!

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