Happy Day After Thanksgiving!  I sure do hope everyone had a phenomenal day and ample opportunity to relish in all that you are thankful.  I am thankful beyond words and extraordinarily humbled by all of my life’s blessings.  🙂

So, growing up I always remember having a bird’s nest in our Christmas tree.  Is that weird?

I don’t know where my mom got it.  Or where she got the idea to put it in our Christmas tree.  But, it was real, and it was there every year.  Do regular people do this?  Oddly, I don’t ever recall seeing anyone else having a bird’s nest in their Christmas tree. Hmmmm…

But, this weirdness has stuck with me.  When we were living in Maryland and a robin’s nest and broken egg found it’s way to our back yard after a storm I snatched it up and new exactly what I was going to do with it.  An appearance in our Christmas tree every year it did make.  And now it makes it’s home in storage.  Now, even that seems little weird to me.

But, when I was on the patio the other day making more driftwood Christmas trees (more on those here) this literally blew up into my space.  And I immediately thought “bird’s nest”.  It actually kind of looks like it was on it’s way there, maybe the early works of something grand by some little island bird.  Sorry dude, it’s mine now.  😉
And, I immediately pictured it in my Christmas tree.  (Is that weird?)  So, there it went. Nestled in all snug like.  Then, a few days later when I was making some ornaments with these…
I had this idea.

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s a baby sea urchin nest.  How very coastal Christmas.

Yes, I realize it looks a little unruly in this picture.  I had to move the nest to the base of the tree because it’s just too dark to get a pic in the tree.  And I rushed through taking pictures because there was turkey calling my name.   But, I think it’s super cute.  It both reminds me of Christmas growing up and represents our current location.  And it’s totally free!

Hey, do you know how to tell if a sea urchin is a boy or a girl???  Me either.  🙂

One little Christmas tree deco to help me along in the Mega Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge.  And, a whole whopping ZERO dollars spent out of my budget.  Whoop, whoop!

So, seriously, anyone else put a nest in your tree?  Know anyone that does?  Think it’s just weird?  And, what might you think I’ll be doing with the rest of the sea urchins???

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  1. Hi Karah,
    Thanks for the nice comments on my Ladder Christmas Tree! Curacao – jealous! Also, love your urchin snow women, nest and drift wood tree. Will be following you now.

  2. Hi Karah,

    I just stopped by via Nifty Thrifty things and am enjoying myself immensely. And to answer your nest question…. umm yes we do have a real bird’s nest in our tree and I grew up having a real bird’s nest in our tree. If I remember correctly it was a tradition we picked up in Germany when I was a kid. Love your drift wood tree!!

  1. Homemade Christmas Tree Finale « the space between

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