The First 30

Happy 1 Month Anniversary to this here blog and me, and even better, this here blog and all of you!  I feel like I’m in junior high and have a new boyfriend and we’ve been together so not long we’re still measuring the relationship in weeks.  And by relationship I mean hanging out at each others’ lockers between classes.  🙂

When I started this blog thing I really had no idea what to expect, but here are a few things that I’ve discovered from our first 30 days.  Fair warning:  this is an almost pictureless post.  Heavy on thoughts, light on eye candy.

Blogging is F-U-N fun!  There really is a whole blog-o-sphere of peeps who do amazing things and aren’t afraid to let me know when they think I do cool things.  And, in the past year when I had been asked if I missed not working my response was a very un-eloquent version of something like:  I don’t miss having to get up and go into a job every day, no matter what, like if I just didn’t feel like it, or if there were other things I’d rather be doing. But, I do miss being a part of something bigger than my household, working creatively to solve problems and create new things.  As it turns out, this blog provides me with that which I was missing while not being that which I didn’t miss.  Who knew?!?

I like to write.  I don’t claim to think I am good at it, but I don’t think I am really bad at it either.  (Personal opinion, I could be wrong.) I enjoy the creative process and the more I write the more that comes out. Really, if I don’t write something down I lose it.  If I have about 3 different thoughts, I need to get them on paper before they disappear, or they monopolize all of my brain power.  Apparently my brain is the size of a ping pong ball and requires just as much empty space in the middle to function properly.  Awesome!

I want to be funny.  I sometimes think my posts can be wordy, but what fun is a precise post full of just details and numbers?!?  I try to put my personality into my blog and I am hoping that comes across.  I’m not saying my personality is for everyone, but it is the biggest way I can make my blog unique to me.

My pad of paper is my new book.  One of my keys to success to living on an island is to always have a book with me.  Things just seem to take For. E. Vah. around here.  Need to make a wire transfer at the bank?  Take a number.  Need to pay your cable bill?  Get in line.  And heaven forbid you need to do anything at the tax office or involving renewing your sedula (ID).  Block off half a day and settle in for the long haul!  This really never bothered me because 1) what else am I doing really? and 2) I always had a book.  Two hours of uninterrupted reading time.  OK.  But now, I write.  🙂

I work well with a deadline.  At the beginning I spent soooo much time checking out my own blog.  (Loser!)  I get (yep, present tense) caught up in the details, is that the picture I really want on the Say Hi! page?  Do I like the order of the items in the right sidebar?  How many views have I had since the last time I checked 3 minutes ago? (Double loser!) What I realized was that I was avoiding focusing on my next post.  I don’t live in any weird world where I KNOW everyone is just going to love me, and everything I say and do.  I face a little fear of rejection with every new post.  So, I would procrasti-perfect (with an accent on the second e in perfect).  Instead of working on something new I would perfect every. little. detail. of what was already out there.  That shouldn’t surprise me, I procrasti-clean too, which I told you about here.  My solution:  give myself a deadline.  I mean, I don’t want to get all Hitler on myself, but let’s be real at the same time and keep this blog thing moving forward.  So, I decided that I will publish 2-3 posts a week and see where that got us.  It seems to be working, leaves me plenty of time to anxiously await the next comment while crafting and/or typing up a new post.  🙂

There is so much information on the world wide web.  Now, I already knew this, but it really is amazing what things I’ve learned and been able to do thanks to the others who had done the same thing and written about it.  I’d like to send a few Shout Outs!

First, WordPress is very user friendly and I have been able to navigate myself around setting up this here blog and getting things in order, all on my own and all for free.  I’ve burned my own rss feed, set up some widgets, created and adjusted html code, all things I had never even thought to do before.  Talk about creative problem solving and learning new things.  Loving it!

I do all of my photo editing for free at, I learned a few cool tips from Sarah, the Thrifty Decor Chick, and have so much fun with it.

I learned about button making – the blog buttons, not the clothing buttons – and button acquiring from a few great places. Morgan at The Little Hen House and Brittany at Ramblings of a Diva both have great tutorials.  I still can’t get my grab box to work, though…

I want a dicta-phone, an exacto knife and a thimble.  The exacto knife and thimble I mentioned here and here, the dicta-phone would make it easier to get my thoughts out when I’m driving on these terrible island roads.  I do realize that saying “I want a dicta-phone” probably sounds very 1980s, with all the fancy phones that can practically drive our cars for us.  But I don’t have any of that fancy stuff and a dicta-phone would serve the need I have.

I LOVE my space!  This blog has really made me look at my space from all angles.  Do I love the tile in this tiny little house, a sneak peak can be found here?  No.  Do I love all of the furniture that we acquired on the cheap after we moved here?  No.  Check out the couch here and you’ll see what I mean.  Do I love that there is really only one bedroom in this house and you have to go through it to get to the bathroom?  Definitely not.  But, does it really matter?  Nope.  I am sharing my life with a man I love, constantly enjoying new adventures that now find us living on a Caribbean island, we are healthy and get unconditional love from these fools at all hours of the day.  (Pictured supervising a still not finished dresser up do.)
I am just plain ol’ in love with my space and down right giddy about the possibilities to reinvent it.  🙂

In addition to those ramblings mostly about me, I am so incredibly appreciative for all of you.  Everyone who takes the time to read this blog and comment on the posts.  And to those of you who have signed up to follow, I am humbled by you, I can’t even tell you how I hope to fulfill what it is you are wanting to find from this space.  I would love to hear from each and every one of you about how I’m doing? What you’d want to see more of?  Less of?  What you have planned for the weekend? What’s your favorite cocktail? We’re simple beer and wine people for the most part.  🙂

Well, that’s my first 30 run down.  Anything in particular YOU have learned in our first 30 days?  Anything you’d like to know I that I haven’t mentioned?  I’d love to hear some feedback; good, bad, or ugly – I can take it.  🙂

I hope you are loving your space today!  Here’s a view of what winter looks like in Curacao.

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  1. LOVE this post! I can SO relate! 🙂 I started blogging on a whim because I ‘didn’t have a hobby’ 😉 and blogging has been such a fun/amazing/surprising/blessing way to meet others and express myself. Love it!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Congrats on your first month! Your blog seems way more “together” than most new blogs (at least more “together” than mine was when I first started). I never would have guessed that you’ve only been doing this for a month. You have amazingly creative ideas and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. Thank you both very much for the nice comments!

  1. Doing a lot…and gettin’ nothin’ done « the space between

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