Monday Matinee – For the Love of LL Bean

Happy Happy Monday!  And Happy Day After Christmas!  I sure do hope everyone got exactly what you were hoping for, large and small.  🙂

I’m thinking a lot of people are going to want to spend more time with loved ones this week than online (hoping many of you are on vacation, fingers crossed for you) so I’m going to just do a couple quick posts on some simple storage and organization solutions.  I figure I’d consider this first one part of the Monday Matinee series that I started here.  Uhhh, this is the second one so that constitutes a series, right?!

Next week I’ll be posting about a VERY FUN project I’m working on now.  I will also be traveling to my home state of Maine and hopefully get to see some snow for the first time in THREE years.  IIIIIII’m dreaming … of a whiiiite January.  🙂

So, onto my love of all things LL Bean.  I mentioned here that I have a bag o’ bags.  Well, I actually have two.
We got two awesome monogrammed canvas bags with pictures of pups on them from my brother and sister-in-law a few Christmases ago.  I love how they represent our whole little family.  Joel, me, white dog and black dog.  🙂  They made the cut when we were packing “only the essentials” for our move to Curacao just over 2 years ago.  If you ask my husband I made all kinds of interesting choices.  Some were mentioned here, here and here. 😉

I was thinking these would make great beach bags, I was also thinking I would be frolicking at the beach quite often, moving to an island and all, right?!? Turns out, when I am at the beach, once in a great while, nothing says “American Tourist” like a monogrammed canvas bag.  For a girl trying to fit into my new country, that wasn’t really the look I was going for.  You know?!?

But, back in our little one bedroom, one bath house we are renting it’s not like I have any a lot of storage space.  Enter my cute bags.  It is relevant to reiterate that I am originally from Maine and beyond the fact that these bags were gifts from family, all things LL Bean remind me of family and make me feel at home.  Wait, was that just a wiff of pine?

This might qualify as a non-project project but I love being able to use all functional items and space we have available to us.  And any way I can get things off the ground is key. Take these bags and place them on the floor, against a wall and they look cluttered and not put away and just a hot mess.  So, I found some empty wall space, I selected groups of items that I want easy access to but I don’t want to actually see everyday.  My canvas bags for shopping (and the beach it turns out!) ,
and my variety of handbags (what can I say, I like to switch it up often).

To hang them I just measured the center of the width of the open space on the wall, held up the bags to eyeball what might look good, drilled a hole (because all of our walls are concrete) and hammered in a nail.

Easy peazy, handy dandy, bag o’ bag storage.
See what I did there?  Put the name of my blog, the space between, in the space between the bags in the pic.  Hence the literally in parenthesis.  Get it? So clever.  😉

And, obviously, they don’t have to be LL Bean bags.  You could hang any roomy, stylish bags that you don’t use a lot and would look fashionable on your wall.  I had even thought of hanging them in our bedroom with my bathing suits in one and undergarments in the other.  So many options I tell you.  😉

Since this little house is just that, little, we have gotten pretty creative with some storage ideas.  I think I’ve mentioned we turned construction doors into shelving in a walk in closet we created.  We also took apart a twin sized box spring to make an outdoor shelf to store our beach chairs, snorkel gear and other items that we don’t use often and that will hold up to the outdoor salty air exposure.  We used a metal rod and extra clothes line wire to make a pot rack and a large piece of driftwood to make a shelf in the kitchen.  Oh, and we have our Jeep doors (which we don’t ever need on the Jeep, because it’s always warm and sunny), Wii Fit board, extra bike tires and a pair of roller blades under out couches. Shhhh!

Now, I don’t consider any of these project photo worthy right now, I don’t want to scare you away.  😉  But it has helped us fit as much as we need into this little space.

I am by no means a clean freak, but I like things neat and tidy.  I think many homes’ ills can be solved with a little storage and organization.  Everything has a home and everything in it’s home.  When everything is in it’s place it just feels clean and neat and oh so livable.  Even if it’s barely bigger than a bread box.

In the new year I have plans to make some sort of probably scrap wood shelves and skirting to create even more usable space up in here.  But I want to hear your ideas.  Short of draping the ceilings in fabric and storing clothes I don’t really wear up there I’ll try pretty much anything.  I’ve thought this idea through, too much work for such a limited amount of things I could store that would be light enough to not totally weigh down the fabric, and not really easy to access.

What about you?  What creative storage ideas do you have?  You know I need ’em.

Just for fun, here is another little Curacao house, I hope the family in it had a wonderful holiday.

I am sharing this idea here, here, here and here. Check ’em out!

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  1. I love this idea! Am always needing storage (desperately) and this could be really cute as both decor and storage. Cool!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! What a great idea for stylish and functional storage! I heart LL Bean,too!

  3. What a great storage idea. I am going to try this in my laundry room!

  4. Great idea with this! The amount of bags we accumulate over the years is scary!

  5. I’ve been using bags to store bags and everything else for a long time! I even did a post about the many bags I have and what purpose they serve. I too have very little closet space and have found that a bag for each thing is really helpful. I am involved in a lot of volunteer stuff, so it seems I have a bag for each thing I do. It makes it easy to just grab the bag for the right event and go. It makes k-ster crazy, but it helps me feel a little more organized!

  6. I LOVE THIS!! …VERY CREATIVE!! .I Would LOVE for you to please stop in and link via my Pin’Inspirational Thursday Party happening today.. **WISHING YOU A SPECTACULAR NEW YEAR** Cheers to much success in 2012.. Xoxoxo..M

  7. How FUN! We honeymooned in Curacao! BEAUTIFUL!!! How did you end up there!?!? I want to copycat and follow you!!! I always have thought that island life would fit me well!!

    XO, Aimee

  8. i have a bag of bags in the trunk of my car so i don’t forget to use canvas grocery bags. your personalized ones are super cute!

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