2011 Shout Outs!

As 2011 comes to an end I feel inspired to give a big fat Shout Out! to everyone who took the time to Shout Out! about me at some point this year.

Yes, I do realize that I’ve only been doing this little blog thing for a couple of months so it’s not really a year worth of shout outs.  But, it is the end of the year, and I’m all about tying up lose ends so I need to be sure to give back the love.

These lovely people took the time to feature me in one way or another and I want to shout from the roof tops how thankful I am for that.  It sure did help me reach more people than just a few family members and friends – who are basically obligated to follow along anyway.  😉

I encourage everyone who takes the time to read my blog to check out at least a couple of these guys as well.  If you click their buttons below you will be redirected to their post featuring my project (because it really is all about me) but take a minute and browse around their blogs as well.  I mean, they clearly have good taste if they’re featuring my stuff.  🙂

{Decorated Driftwood Christmas Tree} – These guys featured my post highlighting the fully decorated driftwood tree with all homemade ornaments.  Remember, the tree with lighting and ornaments cost less than $15 total.  Merry Christmas to me!
Home Stories A2Z {nifty button} As seen on CraftGossip.com Megacraftychristmastreechallenge

{Homemade Christmas Ornaments} – These guys featured my post with the tutorials on how to make a beaded snowflake, book page star and light bulb ornament.  The ornaments that only made it through the ringer one time.  One time.

Do you know the old school song that says that.  “One time.  One time.”  ???  I tried to google it, apparently the Biebs has a song called One Time so those results took up about the first 593,708 results so I couldn’t find what I wanted.  Oh to be Bieber.

New Nostalgia Tickled Pink at 504 Main

{Wedding Card Ornament} – I think it’s cute that these lovelies who featured my tutorial using cards we received at our wedding to make a Christmas tree ornament are all represented in pink.  Awwwww.  🙂


{Sea Urchin Snow(wo)man Ornament}

Kelly at Eclectically Vintage also featured these little gals along with a bunch of other interpretations of snow people here.

{Coral Photo or Place Card Holders}


{Hockey Bag Pillow} – The bag was definitely road kill before it became a pillow.

{Driftwood Christmas Tree} – And my very first post…granted a couple of these features were solicited.  As much I would have liked to have come out of the gate as the Justin Bieber of blogging, I chose to send a few emails to do some shameless promotion to try to get the word out about my little space in the blog-o-sphere.  But, some of them liked me all on their own.  They liked me, they really did.  😉

The DIY Show OffHome Stories A2Z UndertheTableandDreaming Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle Sumo's Sweet Stuff

I do have an I’ve Been Featured! page here at the space between that I update probably a bit too eagerly every time a new feature comes up.  So please check in on it when you think about it to see what new peeps are showing off my stuff.

AND, to everyone who continues to choose to read my posts, follow along, and comment when you’re so inspired I am incredibly grateful.  This little blog and all of you have been a wonderful addition to my 2011.  I look forward to continuing to share some space with you all in 2012!

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  1. Happy new year Karah. I’m so happy to have had you participate in the Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge! Can’t wait to see what crafty things you have in store for 2012.

  2. HI Karah,
    Thanks for the shout out on my shout out!! I’m the only little soul in there without a button – should work on that!

    Just featured your Memory Map Dresser at

    Have a fabulous New Year!


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