Happy New Year!!! (and a few announcements)

Woo to the Hoo to good ol’, er new, 2012!

I just want to drop a quick line to start off the year with a few announcements, in addition to the tidings of good cheer, of course.  Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to ring in the new year with the ones you love.  I had a splendid evening and am stoked about all that the twenty twelve may just bring my way.  You too?

First, did you guys see Kelly’s post at Eclectically Vintage on Friday?  What?  You didn’t? Well, you’re missing out because it was all about ME!

Yessirree, Kelly did a whole post about my newly mapped dresser.  And while you’re over there checking me out, all you parents should see what creative things she did with her Elf on a Shelf this year.  So fun!

Thanks for the feature Kelly!

And, just because Kelly is right, I do get around, I have been working on some ways you all can try to keep up with me.  Here are some new deets for you, it’d be cool if you wanted stalk me on all any of these other social media outlets.

the space between has a new Facebook page.  Can you guess what it’s called?  I’ll give you a minute…  😉  Please click here and Like the page so I am not the facebook loser with one follower.  I also added the button to the right sidebar, so if you want to think about it for a minute.  You know, just make real, real sure we’re close enough to be facebook friends. Then, when you decide later to come back and take the plunge, you can.  See where it says “LET’S BE FB FRIENDS!”?  Click the Like button there and we’ll be all hooked up.

I also updated my Pinterest page.  My name is now Karah @ thespacebetweenblog.  You can find and follow me here or click on the pretty red button on the right sidebar.  If you are new to Pinterest let me know, I’ll send you an invite.  Yeah, it’s like all exclusive and you need to know people to get in.  Kinda like all the parties I was never invited to in high school. 🙂

Also in the right sidebar, just below the pretty Pinterest button is some not so pretty verbiage that just says “Follow in Bloglovin”.  This is a place where you can Like all of your favorite blogs and get easy access to all recent posts in one convenient spot.  It’s kind of like the facebook for blogs.  And, if anyone can help me change this verbiage into a better looking button or badge I’m all ears.  🙂

I also activated a bunch of different sharing buttons.  They will appear at the end of every post, right before the comment section.  So, if you like what I’m talkin’ about it’d be super cool if you liked it enough to share it.
If you don’t, that’s ok too.

I’d love your feedback either way.  So, if you’re not sharing my stuff with others you could always share your comments with me.  🙂  Who doesn’t love a little positive reinforcement every once in awhile?  Or a reality check if I post something stupid…well, it would be a stretch to say that kind of feedback would be loved, but I definitely want to hear what you have to say, so I can keep this place geared towards stuff that’s fun for all of us.

Update:  I’ve signed up on the new Linky Follower tool.  More details are here.  Please leave me a comment if you follow me so I can be sure to follow you back.  🙂

Unfortunately, I tried to set up Google Friend Connect but that code is not supported by the free wordpress sites.  Also, I don’t have a fancy phone so I’m not on Twitter.  Since I imagine my tweet would always be “hanging at home, messing around on the laptop #onmylaptopathomeagain” I figure I’d spare us all that, for now.

So, are you getting the hint that I’m super stoked about everyone who has jumped on this little band wagon and just want to be sure I continue to encourage everyone to hop on board?  Grab a button, click a like, share a post…If you like me and you know it follow my blog, dun, dun.  🙂

And, if you have any other suggestions or ideas to keep us connected let me know.

Ok, so now that we’re all set to be stuck together like glue for 2012 I’m going to give you a little space.  Enjoy the rest of your very first day ever in 2012 and I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be settling in with my little family in my vintage Ty Law jersey rooting for those New England Patriots to beat up on the Bills and gain home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  GO PATS!

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  1. Hi Karah
    Thanks for the shout out on my shout out on your dresser (that’s my convoluted way of saying thanks)! Liked your page on FB and put a shout out on my page for my peeps to check you out! Here’s to a fab 2012!

  1. the month in minutes – january 2012 « the space between

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