Friday Features!

TGIF!  Although, I was just reminded that I have signed up for an 8k road race on Sunday and I still don’t have the whole gallery wall hung yet.  :/

No matter what, I (along with all of my challenge co-hosts) will be posting my big reveal on Monday morning.  I’m just not exactly sure what I’ll be revealing just yet.  Sigh.

AND, Monday will be home to two firsts here at TSB …

I will be publishing a Monday afternoon post – 1st time for 2 posts in 1 day because …

Monday afternoon will be the very first TSB GIVEAWAY!  It’s a $50 gift card to Lowe’s so you will want to be sure to come back and give yourself a chance to win!

Then Tuesday is the Imagine the Impossibilities Progressive Link Party!  We all go live at 7am eastern time, I am sooooo looking forward to seeing what everyone has accomplished.  Down right giddy I tell ya.

Now, let’s take a look at some of those projects in progress, shall we?!?

Pamela over at Pink Hammers and Sippy Cups had plans to tackle the art of baking pretzels as her challenge.  Then a little bit of life happened and she has a whole new, much more challenging, project she NEEDS to tackle.  Here’s a sneak peak of one of her inspiration pics, but you have to click here to find out her big news.
Suzy over at Saved by Suzy decided to tackle organizing a few closets and her pantry for this challenge and she is making awesome progress.  She may have had to toss some pantry items that were 5 years old, but it’s now looking like this, with some empty shelves and all.
She still has her master bedroom closet to finish.  Be sure to click here to read all about her progress.

Now, have you ever been all gung ho on a room redo and then kind of get. stuck. in. the. middle. of. it?  You either lose inspiration or motivation or just move on to other things? That is exactly what happened to Kristi over at Addicted 2 Decorating with her hallway. She bought a new washer and drier, and they didn’t fit…she installed floor tile, but never got around to the little annoying pieces you have to cut to size…she even hung a light fixture with a little help from some painters tape which has apparently reached it light hanging shelf life.  Take a look at the space here and see all of the little details she is going to finish as part of this challenge.
Kayla at Sweet Anne went through a few one hour photo learning curves to get her wedding photos printed for her wedding scrapbook she is tackling for this challenge.   Let’s just say it took way more than an hour!  But she has made great strides since then.  Check out this page she made from scratch, including the cut out embellishments.
To see more of her fun details you have to click here.

And, Zoe at Creative in Chicago is tackling a project I might just have to try sometime soon … string art.  Check out her template, she made all on her own.  I really cannot wait to see how this turns out.  I can just tell it’s going to be fabulous!  Be sure to read how she got this far here.
Lizzie from Pretty City Things has run into a little bit of a road block reupholstering her chair (I can TOTALLY relate, says the girl with the 8 year old reupholstering project … more on that here).  But, check out the beautiful fabric she is working with here.  And give her some moral support while you’re there!

If you’ve missed any of my pathetic gallery wall updates along the way check them out here and here.  And be sure to check in with my co-hosts to see what they’ve been up to. Kari from Thistlewood Farm, Kelly from Eclectically Vintage, Linda from It All Started With Paint, Stacey from A Sort of Fairytale and Andrea from The Cottage Market.

It’s the final weekend of the challenge?  Are you in?  Are you making progress?  Are you happy to be watching from the sidelines?  😉

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  1. We’re down to the wire here – can’t wait to see everyone’s accomplishments!!

  2. This is so exciting! Congratulations to all of your update bloggers! I know Tuesday will be fun and full of great reveals!

  3. Congrats on your first giveaway! Also, a belated thanks for inviting me to the impossibilities challenge – I’m sad I couldn’t come up with anything good enough to share! Finally, I wanted to let you know that I gave you the Liebster Blog Award. I don’t know if you’ve gotten it before, but I really enjoy reading your blog so I wanted to show my appreciation! If you want to pass it onto five of your favorites, I have the pic up on my post today.

  4. I agree with thistlewoodfarm – I’m really enjoying this challenge and seeing what everyone else is up to. I’m sorry to say, I can’t remember the last time I truly enjoyed blogging. You guys are wonderful!

    • I am so happy to hear that you are having fun with this. That was the whole idea! I’m thrilled you’re a part of it Sherry and can’t wait to see your chandelier. Thanks so much for such a sweet comment!

  5. I had an 1.5 hr. training session on sewing with the Hubsy last night and I sewed my first pillow! Only 3 (maybe 4 more to go)!

  6. Karah,

    Thanks so much for featuring my little old string art project …I am super pleased with how it turned out and have made the big reveal today! I have a feeling I will be making more of these

  7. Oh my goodness, I have been up to my eyeballs in fire station stuff! Haven’t updated the blog all week because I’ve been so busy on the project which is a pretty darn fun reason to avoid housework and have good fun with the three yr old 🙂 looking forward to seeing this one gallery wall!!

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