Imagine the Impossibilities Link Party #1!

It’s here.  The big day is finally here!  Welcome to the Imagine the Impossibilities Link Party!

First, if you haven’t entered to win the $50 Lowe’s gift card click here to get signed up.

The giveaway is sponsored by OPC.  One Project Closer maintains a very up-to-date list of Home Improvement Coupons from most of the major home improvement stores that we all love so much.  Their site is updated daily by a real person (Kim, one of the editors at OPC).  So, after you hopefully win the gift card and before heading off to Lowe’s to get all of the supplies for your next project, you should stop by OPC for a Lowe’s Coupon and save upwards of 10%.  I recommend bookmarking the page for future reference!

Boy, did this month fly by after we all decided to tackle our most daunting tasks, or what? Or, was that just my 10 day trip to Maine then 9 days of house guests, all the while trying to hang a whole gallery wall on one screw?

Yesterday I, along with my fellow challenge hosts, posted my Impossible project reveal and today is all about YOU!

Even if you haven’t completed your project, you switched projects midstream, or your project didn’t work out as planned it would be great to see you linked up.  We’d all love to learn from the journey.

And speaking of love, don’t we all LOVE comments?  Well, I sure do, so it would be super cool if you took some time to give your fellow challengers some “Hoorahs” along the way.

We’ve set up the party so you only have to link up ONCE and you will appear on the party page from each of the co-hosts blogs.  But then definitely click on my co-hosts buttons below to be sure to show them some love today on party day as well!

Then, next Tuesday, February 7th I will be posting 5 features from the party links.  AND, so will my co-hosts … that’s a total of 30 features and what’s sure to by my favorite part of this whole challenge.

I can see myself losing many hours perusing all the links and getting lost in all of your blogs…I should probably warn the hubs now.  😉  (I was going to say “warn the hubs he’s on his own for dinner this week, but that’s just setting myself up for his response of “and that’s different from any other week how???”)

On a bit of a sappy serious note.  I really can’t Thank You! all enough for participating. When Karianne from Thistlewood Farm approached me about this great idea I really had no idea what it would turn into. I couldn’t have imagined how many great blog friends I would gain, how much inspiration and support I would have received and just how much fun we would all have.  Thank you, thank you for being such a big part of it!

Update:  Party goes live at 8am Eastern time.






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  1. Hey Karah! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my upcycled frames! Love the idea of the challenge you have going on! BTW I have a one nail gallery wall too.. Love those command strips! Following you too 🙂

  2. Great challenge and thanks for hosting. Went to sleep thinking about your blank canvas last night and came up with another way you could create some string art without pins, just use a needle a thread and go straight through the canvas. I might have a go at this approach myself!

  3. Hi Karah!

    Thank you for hosting!

    The scrolly thing in my reading nook is actually my sister’s. She found it at an antique store and it is ridiculously heavy. I believe it is from an old-fashioned gate? She was storing it at my mother’s and I found it and swiped it. Later she came over and was like, hey! This was several years ago and I still have not given it back–in fact, she was still grumbling at Christmas this year. Ha! Sisters.

  4. Karah,
    Just wanted to stop in and tell you how much I appreciate your words of encouragement along the way. I had so much to tackle and you ladies inspired me quite well. (Even though I didn’t get to the garage space ~ there was just no way timewise).

    I adore your wall…you really did something special. Those dog silhouettes are fabulous. The old wood, and everything is so well balanced. I’ll have to come back and take it all in again just to soak it all up.

    Thanks for being a part of this challenge collaberation and for this link party!


  5. I love your whimsical gallery wall!The party is great…I’m a new follower!

  6. Awesome Project! I tackled my seariously, scary downstairs pantry. Thanks for the kick in the butt 🙂

  7. Love the wall. Wanna come do one for me… in my challenge room? Thank you for the motivation through the challenge. What a wonderful idea you ladies had co-hosting! Thanks again.

  8. Karah, I had a fun time working on my challenge…perhaps you all can make this an annual event, I might just get some other stuff completed in my house!

  9. Great job accomplishing your task with only one screw! Wow! The gallery wall looks amazing! Thanks for visiting me and thanks for hosting this challenge, along with the others! Blessings From Bama!

  10. What a great idea for a party! Thank you for hosting! Love your gallery wall. XO Cindy

  11. You did so great on your wall! It looks wonderful! I had such a great time with this challenge. I am getting ready to submit work to Somerset Publications. It’s been very scary and I haven’t highlighted it on my blog because it’s not something you hear back on right away and a million ??? about how did it go will make my nerves a wreck! LOL I want to thank you for the challenge though as it gave me the push I needed! IF anything comes of the submission I’ll let you know!

  12. Thanks for hosting! Happy Wednesday 🙂

  13. Congrats on your first link up! Looks like it is amazingly successful. Thanks for the invite 😉

  14. Thank you so much for the invitation to the party, whoot! whoot! …and also for visiting me at Cottage Charm Creations! You live in the Caribbean? Oh you lucky gal!!

    Jodi -xo!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog- I’m liking you on FB and following you on Pinterest.

  16. I have a display of frames above my fireplace mantel, guess you could call that a little gallery wall. I used one nail and the rest were hung with command strips. I am loving that product. I am hanging all sorts of things that I was too afraid to put holes in the walls with. Love your gallery wall.

  17. I followed you I would love to have you come follow me as well on my NEW LINKY FOLLOWER TOOL.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  18. What a great idea for a gallery wall! One screw? My walls are thanking you already 🙂
    You’ve got yourself a new follower.

  19. I just followed you on the new linky, please follow back so we can stay connected. Thanks, Lori

  20. Your wall looks great! Amazing, in fact!
    I am a new follower from linky followers. Growing Old With Grace at
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  21. Love your one screw Gallery! Very inspiring! Thanks!

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