and blog about it

Joel (way too early in the morning):  We need a new hair brush.

Me (still more than half asleep):  I know.

Joel:  Well…then…can you get one?

Me:  Sure

Joel:  Or better yet, just fix this one and blog about it.

Well, since I will take any opportunity to mock my husband am an obedient wife…here we are…blogging about a fixed hair brush.

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  1. yep! that is EXACTLY what I would do! cheap you say?? no just frugal!!

  2. Really though, how long have you had that brush? Looks like it made an appearance cira 1987 😉 With me you’d be able to tell it’s approximate age by how many different colors of hair were collected on it :-p

  3. Karah! You make me laugh!

  4. Hahaha! I’d do the same thing!

  5. Giggling…of COURSE you fix the broken one! Heehee!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  6. Beautiful!! lol

    Actually, this is a DIY project almost anyone can relate to and do. 😉 People sometimes forget they can actually take 30 seconds and fix something, rather than throw it out. Us, too.

  7. Love it!!!

  8. I’m temped to pin the tutorial 😉
    ~ Dana

  9. You are the best wife and he’s a pretty nifty husband~he gave you something to blog about ;)…Love it!

  10. You are hilarious!! I love it.

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