doing a lot…and gettin’ nothin’ done

Hi, hi!

Nothin’ like waiting all off-season to get wrecked on the 2nd lap.  I can’t even imagine the disappointment for the team.  😦

Anyone else watch the Daytona 500 last night?  Or, just judge me for the habit?  🙂

And I move on…

Do you ever feel like you’re working on so many things but not really accomplishing anything?

That is where I am right now.

So, I actually woke up thinking “I don’t have anything to blog about today”, but then I realized I had too many things…just not fun reveals.  Boy, do I love the satisfaction of a finished project.

But, I’m surrounded by the confusion of multiple unfinished projects.

Remember this?
Well, beyond taking it out of the Jeep, nothing’s really happened to her.  I have a few ideas…I’m thinking of flipping her horizontal and making her into a kind of inspiration/message to myself board.  There are 4 glass segments, and unbelievably, none of them are broken.  Maybe painting one with chalkboard paint, one with magnetic paint…then what for the others?  Cork board, paint the back of the glass and use a dry erase marker for project notes??  Would it be too big?

Ack.  I can’t seem to fully picture it…so I haven’t even started.  Even though I need to do tons of prep to the door itself.  I feel like she  just hasn’t quite spoken to me yet.

Unlike this guy.
That plywood above the tv is now black and horizontal.  So, here’s my idea…the end result is that it will say LIFE in all caps, white lettering.  But, the letters L-I-F-E will be made up of small written words of memories in our life that form the shape of the letter.  Make sense?

Have you done it?  Seen it done?  If so, please post it on my facebook page, I’d love to see it.

I’ve realized I need a white paint pen to really make this look right.  Lucky for me I have a trip to the states planned soon, in case I don’t come across a paint pen here.

And I thought I had a really good idea for this guy.
A coffee table!  Yeah, I really love the idea.  It would be another pretty, coastal accent in our room…maybe creating a cohesive look I can work around with our couch update…oh yeah, haven’t made any progress on that either.

But you’d never know I even started.  🙂

How’s that for a little more direction around our breadbox, Dana?  🙂

Next step here is to tell husband what I did finish painting the couches.  I think I’m only going to paint the fabric on the frame part of the couch…then I think I’ll dye the fabric on the cushions. What do you think of that idea?  Too much of a risk they won’t exactly match?  It’s black, so black is black, right?!?  And then, how to work black couches into the look of the room…

…but, back to the coffee table.  Here’s my thought…the board is 16 feet long.  Make a coffee table 3 feet long and the width of 3 or 4 boards…so that takes up 9-12 feet of the board.  And I would use the remaining for “trim” detail…hard for me to explain since I don’t really now what I’m talking about.  🙂

I have other wood to use for the legs.  It would need a bottom shelf for more storage space…and I just can’t get the math to work.  I even made plans.

Well, to call them plans is an insult to the architects out there, but it’s a totally-not-to-scale-drawing-with-numbers-in-the-shape-of-a-small-table.  Oh, the paper in the background…that’s my list of life memories for the black plywood.

Anyway, the coffee table…I love the look I have visualized in my head of what the coffee table would become…but just can’t seem to figure it out on paper.  I’ve got to the point where I can make it, but would need another piece of wood for the bottom shelf.  Should I just make it and leave it without a bottom shelf until I find one?  Or should I continue to let it, in all of it’s 16 foot longness, take up all of the chairs on our patio?

Oh, and then we have the bottomless hutch.  Which is now looking like this.

Shoved to a far corner, stacked with randomness that used to be in it or on it…including my diy photo holders and complete with dust circles around where our wine glasses used to be.  Awesome, I know.  :/

And when I try to think of doing something with it, for some reason my mind always shifts to my little pathetic craft bookcase.  And then I think…DOORS!  Did you see what my girl Stacey has???

When I saw it I immediately thought, if I could add doors to my pathetic bookcase it would make a huge difference.  And, what if I could make my doors out of…PALLETS!?!

No further progress on that thought.  Have you made pallet doors before?  Or, added doors to a cabinet that didn’t originally have them?  Have any suggestions, tips, words of caution?

And, of course, that still leaves me having made no progress on the bottomless hutch because she just hasn’t spoken to me.  Or maybe she has, but I’ve got her shoved so far away I can’t hear.  :/

But, I did play around with accessorizing around the tv stand a bit.  See, when I posted about the upgrade from topless hutch to tv stand my friend Zoe honed in on this guy.

I definitely take for granted that I have unlimited access to sea glass.  All of it is from this island over the last two years.  It is on display in the clear glass vessel…for lack of ideas on what else to do with it.  Hence, the driftwood turned decor.  I was thinking maybe-somehow word art in sea glass on the driftwood.  We’ll add the idea to the list of “in the conception stage” projects.  Sigh.

But, after she saw my stash Zoe knew exactly what to do with hers, you need to go check it out at Creative in Chicago.  I love the way she decided to separate the colors, I tell you, that girl is creative…and in Chicago.  Perfect name choice Zoe!!  🙂

So, where does that leave me?  I admitted here my little mind flow issue.  It seems as though I am stuck with all of these ideas and just no action.

Can’t you just help a girl out?  😉

What should I do?  What should I tackle first?  What plans are just silly?  What random projects do you have lying around just asking to be tackled?

And…did you see we’re having a party?  Find out the scoop here.

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  1. I’m right there with you on gettin’ nuthin done! My garage is full of “projects” but they’re not speaking to me either. Found a great desk with claw feet (one broken off but in the drawer) recently on the side of the road in the rain. The veneer is all peeling off and drawers swollen shut but the feet got me. It’s really heavy too!!

    I love the idea about the LIFE with all the memories! With the big glass door, I would leave some glass and either put photos behind or on front or just leave blank. I think 4 panels of chalkboard/cork board is going to be too heavy looking. Could you use that door as a headboard? I love the crustiness of it! I’d use 3 planks and have a shelf underneath for the coffee table.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of everything finished!! I should be working on my stash!!

  2. Unfortunately, my ‘real’ job takes up some of my valuable ‘other, more fun job’ time!

  3. You sound just like me! So much to do, and all I have are random thoughts! Just pick one and do it, oh wait ~ that’s what I need to do! Good luck.

  4. That is the life of a power blogger….so much to do…so little time. I love your collection of sea glass…..I scour the beach every summer and never find that much!

    PS I am without code, codeless, sans code….can you send me how you put the code on our wordpress blogs?

  5. Love that door~ I have about 50 projects that all have good ideas…but never seem to get done!

  6. Kristy Rohm

     /  February 28, 2012

    Loving the sea glass but I never find it…you willing to part with some of yours for a price? Kristy

  7. Karah, I am in totally the same place as you…with 100 ideas in my head, projects sort of started but not yet fully executed. I am still fiddling about in my office with what to put on the walls and where to put it. Whats more I have a name for this condition…I call it “faffing around” Slowly driving myself crazy! Thanks so much for the shout out, I actually have the sea glass sea hung up …just not got around to photographing it yet … you know how it goes!

  8. Karah, you crack me up!
    Thanks for the mini-tour of the breadbox 🙂

    I love the hutch. Wow, painted in white she could be a stunner. Or, black – heck any color could make it pop. Or, you can keep her (yeah, i think she’s a she) natural and cut palette wood and line the back of the openings – or depending on how she’d made – take off the whole back and replace with palette wood.

    You table sketch looks cute. Have you heard of ? She posts all sorts of Pottery Barn deisgns – complete with cut lists for lumber. (We’re planning to use that site at some point.)

    Seriously – that spool that you are using for a table – i want!!!!!! Love. Gosh, I would wind some 3 inch thick rope around that center one time and then kick back and relax with my feet up. Love that piece! What a perfect outdoor table, too!

    Okay, well, I think that’s enough of me 😉
    Can’t wait to see what else you have for us this week!
    ~ Dana

  9. I am officially exhausted reading this! I vote for going to the beach and leaving the projects for a rainy day! Love that door – it’s not too big and I can’t wait to see it all gussied up. And the painted couches – great idea – just remember not to lounge on them til they’re dry (I know, I provide such great insight)! And I love the idea of the Life sign made up of little words – it will look great.

    Maybe you need to open a shop on that island that sells life’s basic necessities – like paint pens!

  10. I’m tracking right a long with you … I’ve never been busier in my life but have so little to show for it. Well, at least so little ready for the photo shoot. I’m stuck in the “devil’s in the details” mode!

  11. You’re so brave, showing all the unfinished projects! I have a bunch of stuff I’ve been working on for what seems like forever, too. I did a project where I wrote a bunch of words that describe my youngest inside the silhouette of a skater here. Not exactly the same, but a similar concept. Looking forward to all the upcoming reveals.

  12. its funny to know that others are as nutty as me 😉 thanks for sharing i got about 5 projects going now and was feeling a lil lost but its good to know others get into this mess as well

  13. Oh, I have so many thoughts and projects in my head and half bought supplies in my garage!! And I feel like I get to little done but have done so much all at the same time! I love the sea glass and your table plan looks good! Paint pens? I’m sure you know just a few dozen stateside readers who would send you one 🙂

  14. Very, very cool projects!!!

    I watched! I’m a die-hard Gordon fan. He blew up…not on the 2nd lap (how crazy was that?) but still…what a long, CRAZY race. ha.

  15. I can’t believe that wreak. I never would of expected that. I am so glad no one got badly hurt. Glad to know I am not the only one with a 100 unfinished projects. Thanks for following me. I am now following back.. I really enjoy reading your post. I will be back.

  16. Hi Karah! So glad to be part of our tribe and to have found YOUR space! You have quite the to-do list ~ I think I would be paralyzed, too! I say, if the cool door isn’t speaking to you yet, let her sit for a bit. Then I would have to tackle the coffee table, because that’s a dumping ground/landing strip/focal point in my house that I have to have. Just my 2 cents! Good luck!

  17. I just judge you. But you would be about the coolest gal ever in my hubby’s eyes. We just got back from a trip to Colorado, and guess what we did on our last evening there? Yup. Could they have taken any longer to get the track ready?! Stupid, dumb red flags. 😦

  18. I feel the EXACT same way and posted about it today too except mostly just teaser pics. So close yet so far on everything…ugh. Soon we’ll all have big reveals!

  19. Holy cow you’ve got a lot of projects and ideas to work with! I think it’s funny that neighbors, friends, and family tell me I can come help work on their projects so that we’ll have something to “blog about”. Are you kidding me, there are ALWAYS tons of projects to do…it’s just deciding which one to tackle first! Can’t wait to see them all!

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