what does my blog want to be when it grows up?

Hey, hey!  Tomorrow is the big party!  Are you ready?

Do you know what your blog wants to be when it grows up?  That is the question.

the space between
But, before the space between blog ever came to be, I hadn’t really thought of that.

I was more thinking…

“Why start a blog?”

Well, I had some, what I thought to be, neat ideas for projects.  I had taken about a 2 year hiatus from home improvement after we moved here.  Going back to renting after owning for 8 years had kind of put me in a DIY funk.  But I was starting to get my groove back, and literally just started having brand new thoughts about our space.  Has that ever happened to you?  Where I saw no potential before I can now see an organized and functional project space and I envision beautifully accessorized shelving on our bedroom’s bare walls.

Then when I started to create some of my ideas, and photo the process, and explain to friends and family what I was up to…the blog was just a fun next step.  An easy way to show people who were interested what I was doin’.  A creative outlet where I was learning new things and meeting new people.  Fun.

And man oh man…has this little baby taken on a life of its own.  My very first blog post got stumbled bringing in so many viewers to my little space.

Then, I discovered the world of link parties and started proactively sharing my projects…and I started to get featured…and continued to get featured.

Can you believe that literally every single project that I have completed and linked to the party circuit has been featured at least once?

I can’t.  I am so humbled by the experience.  So incredibly grateful for all of the support I’ve received.  And insanely encouraged.

Which now, finally, begs the questions…What do I want my blog to be when it grows up?

Well, I shared a little about my mindset here…and since I generate every bit of information that goes on this blog…I would have to say the space between and I agree on a lot.  😉

I also just went back to remind myself what I had to say after the first 30 days of blogging, and I’m happy, and a little relieved, to say I feel the same way about it today, after a whopping 4 months.  🙂

As for the future…

I do know that I want the space between to be a place of inspiration, an idea generator and an encouraging support system for all. I want this space to be a place to find a laugh, learn a few new things and see beautiful pictures of places you may not have been.

I want this space to grow…I’d like to reach as many people as possible, I’d like to align with like-minded bloggers and I’d like to bring to light cool people I meet and neat things that I see along the way.

And, I want the space between to be all of that while consistently providing valuable content that is purposeful, practical and fun.  I’d like for it all to be beautiful, but I’m a realist.  🙂  I mean, have you seen my outdoor washing machine?

Now, it’s your turn.  I can’t wait to see what your hopes and dreams are for your baby, er…blog. 😉

See you at the party tomorrow!

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  1. Karah,
    I still can’t believe how new your blogs is. I really love it here.

    When I virtually visit, I imagine having a fruity drink in my hand while we sit in the breeze and I listen while you chat away about really exciting projects.

    I’m gonna have to do some thinking by tomorrow.
    My blog started in 2007, but she napped for a quite a while and didn’t wake up till really last fall – about when you started.

    I’ll ponder 🙂

  2. Hi Karah, I am glad you found me! I will be back tomorrow for your Blog Hop, Come by and join my linky party going on today. I also have a Blog Hop that’s been going on since Turesday. I am your newest follower!

  3. I love your projects… Can you explain the link party gig to me???? Can’t wait to see what you do with that door!

  4. Karah, Thank you for visiting and following. I am happy to follow you too:) I am excited to participate in your blog hop also. When will it be posted ? I will be gone for the weekend, so just curious. I am going to take some time this afternoon to read through the other posts you talked about. I have been bloggging since August and I feel it’s growing , but a little slower than I like. Thanks for all the advise!


  5. Hi Karah,
    Thanks for visiting me yesterday. I like your blog and am definately a new follower. I like the new link party also. I hope to feature more crafts and better writing this year on my blog. I really like your DIY projects!
    Thanks, Dorothy

  6. So glad you and your blog are on the same page!! I’d say you’re reaching a lot of people (all the way from a Caribbean island to boot)! I foresee great things for you (and your blog)! Now, mix up a batch of margaritas and hit the beach!

  7. Stumbled on your very first post…that is gold right there!

  8. karah,

    I am so blessed to have found you in blogland! Your blog is wonderful and I love your positive attitude and sweet spirit. It shines through your blog!

    Thanks for blessing me today 🙂

  9. I am also amazed at how young your blog is! Wow! You are doing fantastic – keep it up! I’ll be checking in to see what’s new!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  10. Great thoughts, I’m so encouraged to see amazing women who have such positive dreams for their blogs. Looking forward to the party tomorrow.

  11. Great goals. Now I’m off to read your very first post. Had to check out the washing machine first.


  12. You should not … and never be … surprised that your projects are featured! Because they are amazing and original and stunning!

    I’m so glad that I found you when I first launched …

    … and then found you again …

    … and am now teamed up with you!



  13. well my friend you are truly an inspiration and a go to place for fabulous ideas! you are a warm and generous person and i am happy to call you my friend — keep on bloggin!!! hugs…

  14. Thanks for the linky tutorial!

  15. We are renting after 20 years of owning four different homes. I am always looking for inspiration. This should be a good place for it!

  16. Your message is loud and clear…no matter where you are or no matter what type of place you live in…you can always make a house a home…because it comes from the heart and by the words in your post..you can definitely tell, you heart is happy…Have become a linky follower!

  17. Love your blog goals! Your projects are definitely feature worthy!

  18. Hi Karah! I can’t believe we started about the same time. I began this journey the beginning of November. Your projects are so beautiful and REAL. It’s nice that you are showing people things that are achievable and pretty…it is inspiring! Way to go on the features, girl! I know what you mean, it is always a compliment to be featured. I’ve been a follower for awhile now and look forward to visiting your posts often. Thanks for another great link party!

  19. found you through the blog hop lovely blog and I look forward to reading about your upcoming projects

  20. I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with your site! I just started to see the potential in our rented apartment and I have a bit of free reign on what I do thanks to a great landlord! Thanks for sharing!

  21. i think you are definitely on the right track! so far so good- and i remember seeing those driftwood trees! 😉

  22. Love these goals, Karah!! You’re on the cusp of something really wonderful and I love your spirit that shines through in your posts. 🙂
    So glad we’ve “found” each other’s spaces… onward!!

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