my voice

Are you watching the show The Voice?

I am in love with it.

I love the concept.

I love the coaching.

I love Blake Shelton.

And I have a new found love for Adam Levine.

I mean, a man covered in tattoos, wearing a chunky cardigan … something about that combo I. am. loving.

I do have a thing for juxtaposition.

But what I really love…

…is watching people follow their dreams.

Giving it their all.

Putting themselves totally out there with nothing but themselves, and their talent.

It gives me goosebumps…it brings tears to my eyes.

Standing in a fighting ring, belting it out against someone else with the same dream.

It makes me wonder…what is my wildest dream?

And, if I had the opportunity to pursue it, in a ring … competing with someone else with the exact same dream … and only one of us could succeed in that moment … would I hit the high note?

And you?  Do you ever wonder that?  Or wonder about something else entirely?

And … in contemplating my wildest dream, our little breadbox covered in random tile doesn’t seem so significant.  But we already knew that, didn’t we … or we wouldn’t be living here.  🙂

And, please be sure to read the word “awesome” sarcastically wherever you see it in this post.

(These pictures were all taken before move in day in December 2009 … we were granted early access to do some painting and cleaning.)

And have you done any super simple projects lately?  Hopefully I’ll see you at the It’s a Cinch link party on Tuesday.

the space between
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  1. I would like my daughter to marry Adam Levine, just so I can have Thanksgiving with him.

  2. i am watching it! the cousin of one of my blog friends is pip, who just made it through, so my kids and i were jumping up and down clapping monday night for him!!!!!!
    and yes, i love seeing people follow their dreams!

  3. Who knew there were so many sacrifices that need to be made to live in paradise! I think we all assume you are being pampered in a 5-star resort! But anyone who has traveled to the Caribbean should realize there are two sides to every story.

    On my honeymoon to BVI, our cab driver (with wife and child in the front of the cab) needed to make a “pit stop” to drop off the wife, child and then a pizza too in his residential neighborhood. The homes were made out of scraps of metal and mud and other random things … I don’t think they even had glass windows …



  4. Kristy Rohm

     /  March 22, 2012

    Love, Love, Loe “The Voice”….and super duper love Blake Shelton…..growing very much fond of hottie Adam Levine. Trying to live my dream one day at a time here in the big old state of Georgia!!!

  5. Karah, I will make sure to invite you to my wedding…to Adam of course! 😀

  6. Wow, that is a LOT of tile! And what’s up with bidets anyway? We have one too – it’s the most useless thing in our house. It’s only good for a doggie water fountain and entertaining people at parties by seeing how high we can get the water to shoot up.

    I’m enjoying The Voice too. I missed it on Monday because our hunk-of-junk PVR decided to not record it. Grrrrr… I’m trying to avoid reading anything about what happened until I can figure out how to watch it online.

  7. *sigh* I am all over Adam Levine. So talented and darkly brooding. Perfect! Love the little gllimpse into your “before” world. And I hope you inspired so many to find their voice and follow their dream.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


  8. I’d love to share my inter most dreams with Adam Levine! We’d stare deeply into each others eyes while he tells me how I complete him…

    oh, sorry, back to reality! Love seeing the before pics and if it means some ugly tile to live in paradise – so be it!

  9. I love the voice too. I’m usually not into the singing or dancing competition shows but something about the format of the voice really grabbed me and I’ve bee hooked since the very first show.
    : )

  10. nana629

     /  March 23, 2012

    Oh wow that such an experience – I think we take the regular everyday things like “not” having tile everywhere. And totally digging on The Voice too…when I can get in an episode!
    Whitney – The Rooster And The Hen

    • nana629

       /  March 23, 2012

      After reading that comment, I realized it did not make sense, let me try that again…

      Oh wow that’s such an experience – I think we take the regular everyday things like “not” having tile everywhere for granted. And I’m totally digging on The Voice too…when I can get in an episode!
      Whitney – The Rooster And The Hen

      That’s better.

  11. That is one interesting bathroom! You mean you don’t like all that tile? And what’s not to like about that light? (jk!) You have a lot of work ahead of you, but your house has so much potential. We have had quite a bit of work with our house too and still are nowhere near where I’d like for it to be.

  12. debbiedonmoyer

     /  March 26, 2012

    Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog! 🙂

    I love The Voice too but don’t watch it every week. Being able to sing like that would be awesome.
    A bidet….I would probably play with it for a while and that’s a lotta tile!


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