we’re moving!

Whoop whoop!!  That’s right, we’re on the move.

Now … family and in-real-life friends … don’t panic … you can sit back down … and start breathing again.  I’m just talking about the blog.  🙂

I totally wouldn’t announce that Joel and I are moving over the blog unless I had a hard time reaching you otherwise.  My mother-in-law may or may not have found out we got married when she saw my pics on facebook.  Hanging my head in shame.

But this week I have been a busy little bee trying to DIY myself a self hosted space out in the world wide web.  And I think I did.  Hesitant, awkward smile.

There’s still some dust flying around. And you’ll notice some things shifting here and there for a few days weeks to come as I continue to try to figure it all out and get it looking just so.

But, I am super excited about it and would especially love your feedback.

Your feedback specifically because you are the people who I love the mostest, as my dear, sweet, incredibly supportive email subscribers to my little ol’ blog.

Unfortunately, I can’t drag you kicking and screaming with me to the new site.  You have to come 100% of your own accord.

I have all of my favorite connection tools signed up on the new and dramatically improved blog …


Don’t worry, if we were before, you and I are still joined at the hip on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and did you hear I’m now on Twitter?

But, if you’d like to continue to receive my witty, charming, intelligent, discombobulated ramblings, please, Please, PLEASE come to the brand spankin’ new thespacebetweenblog.net and re-subscribe via email.

I would super duper appreciate it.  🙂

And, if this is coming across extra wonky, I do apologize…since I’ve redirected this old gal, I can’t preview what I’m about to send.

And done.

See you at the new place.  🙂

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