$2 time saver

Ok, so the husband is not going to give this project the credit it is due, but this little contraption is going to save me YEARS of my life.

See, is your husband a good looker?

I don’t mean “is he a looker”.  Because, believe you me, my husband is a looker.  He’s just not a GOOD looker.  🙂

I’ve literally had to drive home to find his keys for him so he could meet me out with friends.  Kind of defeats the purpose of meeting out don’t you think?  😉

Oh, and yes, they were in the pocket of the pair of shorts he had on the day before which I told him to check while we were still on the phone and he thought he had checked but he was mistaken as to exactly which pair of his shorts strewn on the floor were the ones from the day before.  Sigh.

GoodNESS, would it have just made too much sense to check the pockets of every. stinkin’. pair. you decide to leave on the floor?  (I never did get an answer to that question.)

And it makes me laugh out loud (now, not then … definitely not then) to picture it.  Me on the other end of the line giving suggestions for where to look …

me: “did you check your night stand?”
joel: walks to bedroom, looks on the nightstand and says “not there”

me: “how about the coffee table?”
joel: “don’t you think I already looked there”
me (thinking to myself): ‘one can never be too sure’

me: “what about your pockets of what you had on yesterday?”
joel: walks in the closet, looks at his pile of clothes on the floor, thinks and ponders which one could possibly be from the day before, decides on one pair, checks the pockets and replies “nope, not there either … I think I’m going to need your help”
I always tell him it’s a good thing he’s cute.  Seriously.  It is a very good thing.  🙂

Now you may have first seen the clipboard and now black wooden boxy thingy here.
That, my friends, is a picture of all kinds of pretty things great deals I got at Goodwill when I was in the states in January.

If you’re new here you might like to see what I did with the Ooh la la canvas here, the horse picture/frame here, the cross stitch and frame in the back here and the 2 other canvses here.  Those 2 other canvases are still my most viewed post evah … about 5 times over.  A HUGE thank you for that.  🙂

As for the how-tos of the $2 time saver … I just sanded down the clipboard and put a clear coat of spray varnish on her and tossed a few coats of black spray paint on the wooden boxy thingy.

And, because I can’t seem to do any project without a touch of driftwood, I glued a little piece onto the bottom of the clipboard to give a thick enough base to screw in my cute little hooks that my mom gave me (Thanks Mom!).  And once I glued on the now black wooden boxy thingy, I had a $2 time saver.
She makes a great landing zone to hang keys and store pens, golf tees, wallets and other randomness husband brings home on a regular basis and leaves scattered around at will. And I can clip on things I need to remember … like prescriptions to refill and a number I need to call.  You know, because if it’s in my face I’m bound to do it, right?!? Ummmmm, no.

And husband’s only comment …
… I don’t see myself putting my wallet in there.

It’s really is a good thing he’s cute.

glass jar upgrade and upcycle

Hey, hey … happy hump day.

I have a fun, easy little jar upcycle for you today.  I know, I know…It’s a Cinch was SOOO last week, but easy peasy, lemon breezy projects are addicting.

The satisfaction of a completed project is so satisfying.

This is coming from a girl who has been working on a door turned something-or-other project for what…like 2 years months?!?!  It’s coming along, really it is kind of.

But my filing-cabinet-files-organization-project-turned-filing-cabinet-upgrade project has turned into a mini office organization project.  And I just so happened to have been washing out and holding onto empty glass jars without any real plan for use.

Until I thought they’d make great little office item organizers.  I just didn’t like the look of the lid threading around the top, so I wrapped and hot glued some jute.

Then I taped around each jar and used a glue stick to adhere some beach sand for additional texture.
And then, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I added a few small shells and pieces of sea glass.
I stopped that after two jars because my little supply corner was getting a bit busy for my taste.  I like the touches of color, but do love me a good monochromatic look. Especially one made with natural elements – jute and sand.

So now I have pens, pencils, binder clips, tacks, paper clips, and rubber bands in a variety of jars on my work space and newly updated file cabinet … which I am also now using as a magnet board.  Bonus!
So happy I’ve taken this baby out of the corner.  She has definitely gotten me moving on a my work space/office upgrade.

This is the first time in the over 2 years we’ve been in this house that I’m creating spaces that are bit of a reflection of me.  Jaime might even call them “Karah projects”.  They make me happy.  🙂

To see another great jar upcycle idea you need to see what Natalie did.  And, if you’ve repurposed any glass jars, I’d love if you share them here.

One more pic for fun …

Enjoy your space today!

if i were a tax document …

Holy moly!  How fun was the It’s a Cinch party?  If you haven’t linked up yet, we’re looking for your easy peasy, super simple tips and projects here.  The party is open until midnight Friday…there are some seriously ingenious ideas that you should definitely check out.  You’ll also be seeing many of them on Facebook and Pinterest, and I’ll be doing a whole feature post next Tuesday.  🙂

I tell you, all of the cool stuff you guys do makes me wonder what I’m doing blogging about a hair brush.  :/

And, thank you, thank you for the wonderful response to the Pass It On project.  It has been truly incredible.

the space between
<div align="center"><a href="https://thespacebetweenblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/the-pass-it-on-project/" title="the space between"><img src="https://thespacebetweenblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/12feb-pass-it-on-button2.jpg" alt="the space between" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

If you’d like to create your own Pass It On project please just email me for the button code and with any other questions you might have.  At the suggestion of one smart friend of mine, I have also created a Pass It On project Pinterest board and am pinning everyone’s projects I know about…so please, please, please let me know if you decide to Pass It On.

Ok…now remember how the tax peeps have been crimping my style for the past week? Well, I also have this baby to blame. (more…)

so all is not lost

Want to hear something scary?  Other than my mix up of Thursday and Friday in the order of days of the week after getting it right for so many years.  If you missed yesterday’s post, you’ll need to go here for this to make sense.  :/

Well, at least scary to me anyway…

Someone lost their blog this week.

Like when you try to go to her blog, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, you see this…

I know, sad.  😦

And yes, my computer kindly translates EVERYTHING to Dutch since big brother can see we are in the Netherlands Antilles.  Gee, thanks!

You can still find her on Facebook…and I’m sure she could use some encouraging words right now.

Update:  Kristin’s blog was recovered yesterday!  You might have noticed Foto Friday went up on Thursday…apparently I had some calendar confusion as this post was supposed to go up yesterday and Foto Friday today.  Oh well.  Note to self – Friday comes after Thursday.  😉

Then, I read that Beth broke her Mac.

And I decided to get backed up.  So all is not lost.

Honestly, we’ve been on the external hard drive bandwagon for some time now. Photography is a long lost hobby of my husband, and I like to think of our vacation photos as a never displayed museum collection.

These are from Tamaya in 2004.
Ok, that second one probably doesn’t belong in a museum…but should probably be on our wall somewhere.  (No, I don’t still have that shirt De, but Joel still sports the Grateful Dead one.)

And, the untanned strip on my arm…that’s just from a spot where I had a temporary tattoo.  That’s how I roll.  🙂

These shots are from Spain in 2009.

What, you don’t take pictures of random fishermen and road signs on vacation?

We do…it’s so funny how many great memories a picture of a tree shadow on a stone wall can conjure up.  Smile.

Anyway…before we made the big move to the little island we got our first laptop.  Ha, yes, we got our first laptop in 2009.  🙂

And, I had a techie friend of mine swipe our desktop clean so we could donate it.  In the process, he put everything we had on the desktop on a handy dandy little external hard drive…and I’ve been addicted to backing up since then.  Well, let’s not stretch the truth, I will be getting caught up after this post is finished.

Seriously peeps, it’s so easy…and that’s what I keep telling myself every time I procrastinate getting our external updated with our newest photos.  How mad at myself would I be if I lost this forever…
That, my friends, is a blurry picture of my husband watching Team USA in the world cup in 2010.  🙂

So, this is what works for us.
We first got external hard drive #1 in 2009.  It’s a 150 GB Toshiba, easily found at Target or Walmart.  My rule for what goes on the external…


It’s a simple rule really.  With all of our photos, music, etc dating back to 2004, we have only used 55 GB.

Then, in November of 2010 we took a 2 week vacation and it just so happened that Tropical Storm Tomas hit Curacao at the exact same time.  Good for us!  But, somehow, water got into our house and onto our laptop AND external hard drive.  (If you want to see a short video of kids wake boarding in the street click here.)

We were very lucky that they weren’t both ruined.  Well, the laptop has to be plugged in at all times now…and the cord to the external doesn’t work – but no loss of data.  Phew!

So, bring on external hard drive #2 (that has a compatible cord to external #1 so they now share).  It is a  300 GB Toshiba, also easily found at Target or Walmart.  My rule for what goes on external #2…


Another simple rule.

So, the train of thought here is that external #2 is the true back up.  I actually keep it in a safe deposit box…I don’t know why…can’t ever have photos of memories (can you really have a photo of a memory?) locked up too tightly I guess.  🙂

I actually don’t save too much to our laptop.  I think it helps prevent it from getting bogged down with data, slowing it’s functionality.  And, if we were to ever get our laptop stolen or lost our important data wouldn’t go with it.  There I go with the logic again.  😉  External #2 with the addition of movies on it has about 155 GB of space used up.

Now, you see the honkin’ big external hard drive #3 is the picture above?  That one is just for fun.  That one needs to be plugged into a power source all it’s own (the others don’t, just USB connection to computer) and holds like 800 GB or something.  (Read:  too lazy to get up and plug it in right now.)  We just got this at Target last fall when we started collecting some movies, and other things that take up a lot of space so we got those things an external all it’s own.

We didn’t want movies taking up all the space on external #2 so any new movie we add just goes to external #3, so technically, they don’t have a back up, I am ok with that right now…but that might change.

Seriously, so simple.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it.

And, I found a great tutorial on how to back up your wordpress blog in 60 seconds here.

What about you?  Do you have a system?  Do you use an external hard drive…or 3?  Have a better idea?  Dress up, paint your face and wear a silly hat during world cup soccer games?

Now, since it really IS Friday now, I can say…Enjoy your space this weekend and see you next week!

(Just so you know Dana, I will not be walking off any short piers this weekend so please stay safe!)

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Word of the Year and I Might Be Screwed (Just Once), A Gallery Wall Experiment Update

Did you all see that Layla, who blogs over at The Lettered Cottage, posted her idea to come up with a word of the year?  Her word is UP, click here to read all about it.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was my thing.  One word.  Just one.  For the whole year?

I mean, it took Joel and I 10 years of living together before we got married.  And I’m supposed to pick one word for the entire year, just lickity split?

But, then I got to thinkin’, and you know what happens when I get to thinkin’.  I get a headache I get ideas.

And, as hopefully you all know by now, my friend Kari from Thistlewood Farm had the idea for the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, and, along with these other fab gals, I introduced this challenge last Monday.

Click on the underlined text above to skip over to their blogs and learn more.  We are all posting project updates at some point today, be sure to keep an eye on their progress!

Can you imagine it?  Imagine those impossibilities?  Imagine what they are, imagine ways to conquer them, imagine how to Take.  Them.  Down!  In a friendly “I just took you down” or “I just hung you up” or “I just cleaned you out” sorta way.  🙂

Then, keep imagining.  Imagine what you want to accomplish professionally this year. Imagine what your personal goals are for the year.  Can you imagine things you hope for the ones you love this year?

And after all that imagining, it turns out that my word of the year had just fallen into my lap.



And I am going to start by Imagining my Impossibility and if you haven’t already joined us, come on already!

the space between

I explained here that I am going to make a gallery wall using only one screw in the wall. For all of the renters who can’t riddle their walls with holes or for anyone who just doesn’t want all of the holes, this might be our solution to gaining this awesome gallery wall look.

So, can you imagine how my one screw gallery wall is going to come out?  If you’re thinking “In a big heap on the floor” you’re not alone.

See, I haven’t exactly made a lot of progress.  We started this whole challenge right after I arrived on a 9 (make that 10) day trip to visit family.  Funny enough, the day before I got the email from Kari with the idea, I had gone here.
And I had bought all of this.
Funny story, when I was at Goodwill in small town Maine with all of my junk finds in my cart, the cashier kindly asked a couple looking at earrings by the counter to step aside because I was ready to check out.  The man looked at my cart and then at me and said “Sorry, I thought you were just restocking the shelves.”  Hahaha

Nope, I am exchanging hard earned cash for this junk cart full o’ goodies.

After my wonderful trip, where I accomplished absolutely nothing as it relates to this challenge.  I ended up with this view while I was supposed to be in the air heading home.
Who doesn’t love snow plows on the runway while you are sitting on the plane waiting to take off?  😉  This was my view for about 2 hours until the de icing started and the journey continued.
Who doesn’t love watching your fate at work outside the cage you are currently trapped in?

Unfortunately, due to the limited options of flights to this little island, that 2 hour delay ended up extending my length of stay in the great ol’ US of A by 20 hours.  I got home in the evening on Friday and between unpacking, getting caught up with the hubs and most importantly (uhhh, that title probably should have gone to getting caught up with the hubs, but I’m sure he understands) mentally preparing for the Patriots big game Saturday night and NFL Division Championship weekend in general, no gallery walling got done.

But man, am I ready to get rolling.  Oh, and did I mention we have company coming to visit on Tuesday for 9 days?  This little impossible challenge is falling deeper and deeper into that exact category.

But, I’m motivated and determined, and imagining it being done.  It.  Will.  Happen!

This is what I’ve got so far.
That little black spec is my screw.  Yep, that’s what I’ve got so far.  And for the record, that screw was there when we moved in.  🙂

So, now can you imagine my one screw gallery wall?  Yeah, I’m having a hard time of it myself.  :/  But, definitely check back in next Monday, I’m bound to have done something with some of the junk stuff I brought back from Goodwill.

And, while you’re here I thought I would share with you a couple of my favorite words others have chosen around the blog world.  I say, IMAGINE if my blog could someday be as awesome as these ladies have made theirs.  Just imagine!

Beth, at Home Stories A to Z, chose Bubbles.  Now, let’s be honest people.  Can anyone say bubbles without smiling?  I sure can”t.  That is a good characteristic for a word of the year I’d say.  Click here to read about her choice, and while you’re at Beth’s place be sure to check out her 2011 Year in Review to get more of an idea of the awesomeness that is Beth’s style and DIY ability.  I think her entry area is so well done!  And she also puts the spotlight on others a lot of the time, check out her thoughts on the Top 15 DIY projects from other blogs in 2011.

And definitely take a minute to check out Marian at Miss Mustard Seed.  Her word of the year is Celebrate!  I say cheers to that.  🙂  I can so relate to her emotions surrounding some large successes she has coming up.  I love the choice to make the focus on celebrating the success over focusing on any anxiety that these successes can bring.  Read more about her word choice here.  And don’t miss her recent home office makeover, I just love everything about the finished product!  And to get just a bit more of an idea of her creativity and overall decorating prowess be sure to see what she considers her Top Home Projects of 2011.

So much great stuff was accomplished in 2011.  Imagine what we can all do in 2012!

So, have you ever had a word of the year?  What would you choose if you had to pick just one, right now?

Update:  You can read the second update here and see the big reveal here.  🙂

And have you decided on your impossible yet?  Can you IMAGINE the Impossibilities?

the space between

I am sharing this project here, here, here and here. Check ‘em out!

End of Year Organization

Does anything say “it’s the end of the year” like a little organization?  I mean, really. Clean slates and new years go together like bread and buttah.

I got my new 2012 daily calendar last week and it just made me giddy.  I’m officially ready to start the new year when I’m prepared to get it all written down in the calendar. (Did I just say that out loud?  Total dork here.)

I also make sure I shave and put away laundry before New England Patriots games start. I just don’t want anything nagging at the back of my mind.  Apparently piles of clothes and scratchy legs are my biggest nags.  Hmmm?

It’s kind of the same for me with the new year.  Who wants a hot mess of disorganization distracting from all of the new possibilities the new year brings?  I sure don’t.  🙂

Well, my mini organization actually started when I started this blog in the beginning of November.  It’s so much easier to get things done when things are in order and ready to be gotten done.  But, as I’ve mentioned many a time, we don’t exactly have a lot of space, so I need to maximize what I’ve got and just make it work.  You know?

I can dream of spaces like this:
Like Jen at Tatertots and Jello has.

Or this,
Like Stacy at Not Just a Housewife just created.  Aren’t those wood shelves the best?  She made them from old fence pickets.  I see myself making something like it very soon.  🙂

But, what I’ve got is this,

Underwhelming, I know.  Trust me, I KNOW!

But, here’s what I did.  I laid out everything that I had in terms of “craft supplies”.  You know, all of the scraps, paints, adhesives, items I’ve bought in hopes that all the little ideas in my head will actually turn into something, and all of the other randomness you see here.

I picked out a few bins and baskets that I had been using otherwise in the house and decided to make a little “craft station” if you will.
In the larger wire bin I layered different projects in the works.

1) Supplies I have bought for ideas I have.  2 & 3) I took 2 plastic folders that I have been holding onto but knew I would never use as is and cut them in half lengthwise. They fit perfectly in the bin and work great to hold cut up pieces that can easily get lost in a big bin and also keep parts to different projects separated. 4) In the empty space of the bin I put other supplies that are waiting to get crafted.

Here’s a pic of the folders, the blue one before it was cut in half and the green one after being cut.  This is the perfect little filing solution.

Then, in the basket I took a few glass jars I had saved, and didn’t even bother to take the labels off since I’m lazy you can’t see them once they’re in the basket anyway.  These glass jars are perfect for separating little odds and ends, and holding up side down an almost empty bottle of glue.

In the small wire bin I took a few other glass jars and put all of my supplies.  Paint, markers, adhesives, paint brushes, stencils, wire, twine…stuff like that.

I had this old photo box that I picked up a TJMaxx or Marshall’s a long time ago.  It isn’t really my style so I just painted it black and tossed in all the uglies.  Scraps that I may (or may not) use some day but are really just a box o’ ugly as is.
This little basket houses all of my sewing supplies.  Or, no-sewing supplies as the Steam-A-Seam seems to indicate.  🙂

And since I am using a bookshelf for my new “craft station” I did still need to also use it for…wait for it…my books.  Here’s what the little organization project ended up looking like.
As for the other items:

  • The Lowe’s 48 cars are included because I heart the Lowe’s 48 NASCAR team.
  • The basket under one of the 48 cars has all of our computer program disks in it.
  • The water color picture is an original piece by a friend of ours.
  • The mirror I would like to redo, so it’s kind of good looking on the bookshelf yet still a project in the works.  Oh so versatile.  😉
  • A crisp white piece of brain coral and the biggest sea urchin I’ve ever found tossed in just because we always need a little nature.

As a side note you could look at many items in our house and wonder “Is that a decoration or a project in progress?” like the mirror.  Sigh.

Just because, here are a couple of other little organizational things we’ve got goin’ on in here.

A basket my mom gave me that is supposed to be used to put silverware and napkins in for outdoor BBQs attached to the wall with an eye bolt and S hook houses all of our larger utensils.
On this beautious wall we also have a knife magnet – brilliant space saving invention – and another little hook with a small basket for all of our wooden utensils because I clearly like my items separated.  And, if you have not discovered the wonder of the Ove Glove you are totally missing out.  No joke!

And, when we were gathering driftwood for the trees I made here, here and here I found a huge driftwood board so I made her into a shelf.
Even packages of crackers don’t look totally ugly when in a clear glass jar.

But that tile.  Good.  Ness.  I told you here we had it everywhere, even the walls weren’t safe from the ambitious tiler.  :/  This wall doesn’t look 100% hideous at least because the grout is still white.  Not so true for so many other surfaces.

I just used 2 L brackets to attach the wood to the wall.  I screwed in two little hooks on the under side of the wood to hang the wire domes.  Those guys are totally necessary around here with all the flies.  They multiply like wild fire whenever there’s food around.

And no, I don’t have any labels on the jars.  Even I am smart enough to tell my beans from my pasta and my dog medication from my rice.  For the most part anyway.  😉

So, with a few simple upgrades I feel organized and ready to ring in the new year.  Reuse a few glass jars, re-purpose a few plastic folders, designate a few key spots for the things I find myself using a lot and spend zero dollars.  Time to cross this project off my list in my new daily planner and get ready for a little New Year’s Eve celebration.  🙂

What other items do you have lying around that could be used for creative storage?  I mentioned a couple of our other ideas here, but am always in need of more.

Here’s to a very festive and safe New Year for you all.  See you in 2012!

Monday Matinee – For the Love of LL Bean

Happy Happy Monday!  And Happy Day After Christmas!  I sure do hope everyone got exactly what you were hoping for, large and small.  🙂

I’m thinking a lot of people are going to want to spend more time with loved ones this week than online (hoping many of you are on vacation, fingers crossed for you) so I’m going to just do a couple quick posts on some simple storage and organization solutions.  I figure I’d consider this first one part of the Monday Matinee series that I started here.  Uhhh, this is the second one so that constitutes a series, right?!

Next week I’ll be posting about a VERY FUN project I’m working on now.  I will also be traveling to my home state of Maine and hopefully get to see some snow for the first time in THREE years.  IIIIIII’m dreaming … of a whiiiite January.  🙂

So, onto my love of all things LL Bean.  I mentioned here that I have a bag o’ bags.  Well, I actually have two.
We got two awesome monogrammed canvas bags with pictures of pups on them from my brother and sister-in-law a few Christmases ago.  I love how they represent our whole little family.  Joel, me, white dog and black dog.  🙂  They made the cut when we were packing “only the essentials” for our move to Curacao just over 2 years ago.  If you ask my husband I made all kinds of interesting choices.  Some were mentioned here, here and here. 😉

I was thinking these would make great beach bags, I was also thinking I would be frolicking at the beach quite often, moving to an island and all, right?!? Turns out, when I am at the beach, once in a great while, nothing says “American Tourist” like a monogrammed canvas bag.  For a girl trying to fit into my new country, that wasn’t really the look I was going for.  You know?!?

But, back in our little one bedroom, one bath house we are renting it’s not like I have any a lot of storage space.  Enter my cute bags.  It is relevant to reiterate that I am originally from Maine and beyond the fact that these bags were gifts from family, all things LL Bean remind me of family and make me feel at home.  Wait, was that just a wiff of pine?

This might qualify as a non-project project but I love being able to use all functional items and space we have available to us.  And any way I can get things off the ground is key. Take these bags and place them on the floor, against a wall and they look cluttered and not put away and just a hot mess.  So, I found some empty wall space, I selected groups of items that I want easy access to but I don’t want to actually see everyday.  My canvas bags for shopping (and the beach it turns out!) ,
and my variety of handbags (what can I say, I like to switch it up often).

To hang them I just measured the center of the width of the open space on the wall, held up the bags to eyeball what might look good, drilled a hole (because all of our walls are concrete) and hammered in a nail.

Easy peazy, handy dandy, bag o’ bag storage.
See what I did there?  Put the name of my blog, the space between, in the space between the bags in the pic.  Hence the literally in parenthesis.  Get it? So clever.  😉

And, obviously, they don’t have to be LL Bean bags.  You could hang any roomy, stylish bags that you don’t use a lot and would look fashionable on your wall.  I had even thought of hanging them in our bedroom with my bathing suits in one and undergarments in the other.  So many options I tell you.  😉

Since this little house is just that, little, we have gotten pretty creative with some storage ideas.  I think I’ve mentioned we turned construction doors into shelving in a walk in closet we created.  We also took apart a twin sized box spring to make an outdoor shelf to store our beach chairs, snorkel gear and other items that we don’t use often and that will hold up to the outdoor salty air exposure.  We used a metal rod and extra clothes line wire to make a pot rack and a large piece of driftwood to make a shelf in the kitchen.  Oh, and we have our Jeep doors (which we don’t ever need on the Jeep, because it’s always warm and sunny), Wii Fit board, extra bike tires and a pair of roller blades under out couches. Shhhh!

Now, I don’t consider any of these project photo worthy right now, I don’t want to scare you away.  😉  But it has helped us fit as much as we need into this little space.

I am by no means a clean freak, but I like things neat and tidy.  I think many homes’ ills can be solved with a little storage and organization.  Everything has a home and everything in it’s home.  When everything is in it’s place it just feels clean and neat and oh so livable.  Even if it’s barely bigger than a bread box.

In the new year I have plans to make some sort of probably scrap wood shelves and skirting to create even more usable space up in here.  But I want to hear your ideas.  Short of draping the ceilings in fabric and storing clothes I don’t really wear up there I’ll try pretty much anything.  I’ve thought this idea through, too much work for such a limited amount of things I could store that would be light enough to not totally weigh down the fabric, and not really easy to access.

What about you?  What creative storage ideas do you have?  You know I need ’em.

Just for fun, here is another little Curacao house, I hope the family in it had a wonderful holiday.

I am sharing this idea here, here, here and here. Check ’em out!

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