our {academy} space

I was innocently laying on the couch, watching Dateline, admiring the hutch to tv stand transformation…

…when I noticed the tile.
Do you have that one …  pain in the neck, always under your skin, jumping out with the ugly reminder that it’s always there … thing?

Mine, for sure, is the tile in this little house
But the thing with it is…I can’t change it.

And I choose to have peace with it.

Like I have peace with our outdoor washing machine.

Like I have peace with this old lady.

Any chance you’ve read up on me a bit?

Did you notice the part where I say “renovate 3 1/2 homes“?

Did you know that I really meant that I left half a house unfinished?

Yessirree Bob I did.  Sigh.

I worked tirelessly, day and night, weekdays and weekends, after full work days, every. single. day. for months … and months … and months.

Scraping old wall paper … even on the ceiling … those of you who have done this are now feeling your shoulders ache just at the thought of it.

7 large rooms, 2 hallways, 1 stairway … top to bottom … wallpaper on every. single. surface.

Then I striped and repainted every. single. window.
And doorway.

And fireplace surround.

Then I repainted the kitchen cabinets.

Then we found some tenants.

A group of college aged kids who didn’t care about her imperfections.  They even let us jerry-rig (what does that even mean?) a shower over the old timer, boxed in, extra long, claw foot tub in the upstairs bathroom.

But the tenants are long gone.

And the shower is still jerry-rigged.

And I live here.
 While she sits there.

And, at some point between Chris Hansen in India and Victoria Gotti getting fired, I’m thinking I haven’t wanted to do any DIY or home improvement around here…

… to rebel against all of the time and energy and blood, sweat and tears I used up here.

Does that even make sense?  What did I actually think I was teaching 1/2 done house by not updating Curacao house?  What am I, 12?

What about you?  Has any project had a lasting impression on you?  Ever bought a project that some days you just wish you could close your eyes and make it go away?

Did you happen to find peace with it all on a random Sunday night?

Just so you know…this old lady has 23 windows, 21 doorways and 6 fireplace surrounds.

And, my sweet mother came down for a week to help me clean, furnish (with 100% auction items) and prepare for the tenants.

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