The Pass It On Project

Wow!  I have been waiting for this day for. like. ever!

Remember when the idea of 12 Days of Kindness literally woke me up one night?

Well, I’ve been tossing around ideas for carrying on the kindness since then.  And I came up with something I am in love with!

Update:  As everyone is posting about their projects I am adding links at the end of this post so you can all follow the journey.

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dog lovers unite

Happy Monday y’all!

I am still on my little Florida vacation but I just wanted to introduce you to a fun blog I know.
Gotta love a gal who has the cutest dogs …

… and is super crafty.

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foto friday 4 {argentina}


Well, for you anyway.  I’m on vacation so the specific day of the week is really irrelevant to me.

Ironic that the week I’m on vacation I actually get the order of the days of the week straight for the first time in 3 weeks.  Exhibit A and Exhibit B that I am not always playing with a full deck.  :/

Aaaanyway…since I am still on vacation I thought a few fun vacation pictures would be in order.  But I’m going to go back in time a bit and take you to Argentina … October 2010. Read the full post »

it’s a cinch-spiration

See what I did there?  We all love a little inspiration … and what do you get when you’re looking for inspiration for easy peasy projects – It’s a Cinch-spiration.  🙂
I mean, we now have pin-spiration.  So why not cinch-spiration?


I tried.  😉

Aaaanyway, I’ve found some other great ideas for simple little projects from a couple of my favorite blogs. Read the full post »

it’s a cinch {gallery wall items}

Hey, hey!  Happy Hump Day!

Right now I am on a flight to Miami…or waiting in the airport for my delayed flight.  I would say there’s equal probability of each option.  Sigh.

But there’s a cutie patootie nephew at the other end of the journey, so I’m stoked either way.  You saw a sneak peak of #5 here.

Who am I kidding, that post was in November so the only people who saw it were #5’s dad – because I sent it to him, my mom, and maybe 3 others.  😉

Aaaanyway, I thought of a few more It’s a Cinch ideas for you. Read the full post »

tag, you’re it

So, there is this fun little game of tag going around the blog-o-sphere.

And I have been “it” for awhile.

Picture me running around the playground desperately trying to get you and I just finally did it.  🙂

Now I’m out of breath and need a beer glass of water.

But you’re it now … so start running. Read the full post »

MISSION: Possible {it’s a cinch} Launch

Are you hearing the theme music now?

Remember the fab gals I co-hosted the Imagine the Impossibilities extravaganza with?

Well, we’re at it again!  We’ve been chatting.  Really, we had a conference call.  How fun to put a voice with a blog…not exactly the same as a face with a name…but one step closer.  🙂

And today we are collectively launching … drum roll please … Read the full post »

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